"What does it all mean?" -America
  1. Boot, boot
    One is the trunk of a car, the other is given to you when you've stayed too long at a friends house.
  2. Key is spelled Q-U-A-Y
    I once was lost for an hour bc Siri told me to turn on the "8th Key"
  3. STD is known as STI
    Don't ask how I know but one def seems worse than the other.
  4. Aluminum is pron "Al-u-minnie-um"
    This is also how I pronounce it after a few glasses of wine.
  5. Jumper, jumper
    One is a sweater, the other is a person that is trying to kill themselves.
  6. Take away, take away
    One is the feeling or thought that streams into your consciousness after an event, the other is take out.
  7. Fag, fag
    One is a socially unacceptable, perhaps despised thing and the other is derogatory for "gay"