1. Wi-Fi
  2. A streaming account of some kind
    Or access to friends with one
  3. Three-pronged wall outlets in your home
  4. TV with an HDMI capabilities
  5. One comfortable pair of shoes
  6. Social media
    Because God forbid a person is interested in you & can't find you on Facebook or Instagram...
  7. Google Maps
    If I'm feeling like getting lost I'll resort to a map, my own natural set of navigation skills, or if I'm really trying to live on the wild side, Apple Maps.
  8. A growing sense of dread about the impending collapse of bee populations globally
  9. One hat that you feel looks good on you
  10. A phone charging cord with you at all times
    +1 gold star if you bring the wall charger too
  11. Self-hatred & grandiose narcissistic personality disorder
    Yeah duality is really in for 2016.
  12. A good pair of sweatpants
  13. Posting about how much one loves sleeping, pizza, and cute animals.
    Also acceptable: Social justice issues, fitness, hunting, being a vegan, gaming, alt-right diatribes, ghetto Memes, posts of their children, fishing, music festivals, law enforcement, political, science, nature, art, travel. (Will update if you can think of others)
  14. Headphones!!!