The ups, the downs, and the life.
  1. You never know what will come out of his mouth
    Generally funny shit
  2. You never know what makes him upset
    Can change daily
  3. Knowing he has to deal with the world differently
    The world is already hard enough to navigate
  4. Knowing that his love is always unconditional
    Even if you do wrong, forgiveness is always possible
  5. Becoming used to the idea that he can't read your mind
    He isn't psycho, and won't pick up on signals. Be direct!!
  6. Getting to go through your life with him by your side
    It gives you more perspective, and more patients
  7. Learning that all people with autism are human too
    It does not define who they are. It just changes how they view the world
  8. Listening to his observstions
    While they might sound funny or weird initially, think about it. They are often profound realizations that you wouldn't have realized on your own
  9. He helps you grow into the best version of yourself
    Growing is a constant part of being human