😨 Animals That Creep Me The Hell Out

  1. Jellyfish
    How do they even exist? They don't have brains.
  2. Centipedes
    Way, way too many legs. I can't.
  3. Boomslang
    You bleed from every orifice!
  4. Japanese wasps
    Well, I'm terrified of the wasps you find in Canada, so this is my nightmare. No, really.
  5. Bats
    I have a fear of one flying into me and getting stuck in my hair. I blame Black Sheep for that.
  6. Ticks
    Just no.
  7. Leeches
    Stand By Me can scar a person.
  8. Any of the spiders you'd find in Australia
  9. Actually, any creatures you find in Australia