1. I'm my own boss. I take days off when I want to.
  2. I'm a subcontractor, so I get to write a ton of shit off, which is good because the start-up costs are high.
  3. I get to get dressed up and go downtown to law firms two to three times a week, and the other days are spent editing and proofreading in my pajamas if I want.
  4. I get to hear confidential legal matters. I did part of my practical training at a very high profile double murder case. Although I don't work in court; I do pre-trial proceedings.
  5. I get to be a fly on the wall.
  6. I get to immerse myself in just the right amount of law. I don't have to do hours of research on case law like lawyers do, but I do have to know the legal terms.
  7. I see people when they're very stressed. Most people's hands are shaking while they're being questioned. Sometimes if a lawyer is new, I can see their hands shaking too. It reminds me we are all human.
  8. I get to hear some pretty outrageous shit.
  9. I hear very personal things about the witnesses.
  10. I can listen to lawyers argue with each other.
  11. I often see witnesses get really frustrated with how detailed and in depth the questions are. If you ever get in an accident or something, write down everything you did that day, especially what medications you were on and what you did the night before and the day of. They'll ask.
  12. I charge an attendance fee, and if you cancel without enough notice, I charge a cancellation fee. If you order the transcript, then I charge by the page, and that's when I make most of my money.
  13. I explain to witnesses to wait for the lawyer to finish their question before answering, but they never do. But what happens is I put dashes all over showing the interruptions and it just adds more lines and gives me more pages to charge you for because I have to do everything verbatim.
  14. I'll know a lot of lawyers should I ever need one, and I'll know which ones are the best.
  15. I get to wheel around a cute executive suitcase filled with my equipment.
  16. I have to be very precise with punctuation because it's all about readability. Sometimes it's difficult to punctuate with how people speak.
  17. I learn all of your speech habits or ticks.
  18. I basically learn a new language or code. EU PWAEUS/KHR-RBG HRERN A TPHU HRAPBG OR KOED.
  19. I have a very specialized skill set. I can brag that I write shorthand at the speed of 225 words per minute.
  20. This is my principal and mentor.