Send help.
  1. I've, of course, heard of Outlander before. I've seen the books on the shelves. I knew the show was doing well. I don't get the Starz network here, so I waited until Netflix had both seasons.
  2. Well, I crushed those seasons in no fucking time at all. I lost my mind. I'd watch ALL DAMN DAY!
  3. You know, I heard about Outlander being very sexual. That's why I watched it. I wanted to check out this Scottish hunk. I got waaaaay more than I bargained for. Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ!
  4. Do you guys know how many times I have now seen the wedding episode? Ahhhhh.
  5. I am madly in love with Sam Heughan now, so there's that. Jamie is an overwhelmingly likeable character.
  6. Every time he says "sassenach," my ovaries hurt. I even just love hearing him say "aye."
  7. This damn show even inspired me to look further into my ancestry for God's sake. I've always known the very famous Scottish poet, Robert Burns, is my relative. His real name is Burness, which is my great-grandma's maiden name.
  8. To add to that, my grandma's maiden name is Beaton, which is apparently a well-known Scottish term to use for doctors back in the day because so many Beatons were healers. I learned this from the books.
  9. Oh, let me get started about the books. I crushed Outlander in about four days. I find myself wanting to race through Dragonfly in Amber so that I can get to that damn reunion! The ending of season 2 murdered my heart.
  10. I find myself soooo disappointed that Sam and Caitriona aren't actually together. I'm not even sure I'd believe them if they said they had never at least hooked up. That chemistry is palpable, and I mean on the red carpet too. So much flirting. Plus they got drunk together and watched the wedding episode. Come on. They did it.
  11. I also keep watching YouTube compilation videos of Claire and Jamie to deal with the withdrawals. I told you I need help.
    This one is probably the best: https://youtu.be/RYbl4Zge-iI
  12. I'm planning to finish all eight books before season 3 returns in September. It'll for sure happen at this rate.
  13. I had to create a Pinterest board just to keep track of Outlander screencaps.
  14. Yes, I get that Claire feels guilty about Frank, but I don't give a shit. He's boring. I only want Jamie. I want more of James Alexander Malcolm Mackenzie Fraser. I always want to get to the pages and scenes that he's in. He's ruined me.
  15. What am I supposed to do now, Diana Gabaldon?! When I finish the books, I'm screwed. I have to wait so fucking long now to watch seasons. Ughhhh 😢😬
  16. I can't even live in my own world now.
  17. She gets what I'm going through.
  18. FML.
  19. I've died.
  20. Thanks, Diana. Thanks, Sam. Thanks, Caitriona.