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  1. Driving
    Particularly in deer related accidents if its after dark, drunk driver related accidents if it's after 11, traffic related accidents if it's in a busy area or at 5:00, in blind spot related accidents if it's in my car, in cell phone related accidents if she calls me and I answer, in weather related accidents if the conditions are anything less than perfect.
  2. Riding in the car with someone else
    Particularly if she doesn't know both them and their parents' character, if they're under 30, if she has a bad feeling about them
  3. Not getting enough rest
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  1. Hate being around other people
  2. Hate being alone
  3. Cry constantly
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  1. Yin yoga
  2. Debra Jo Rupp
  3. Buster meme
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Writing this at 3am because can't sleep so here ya go this is me.
  1. I'm an infp
  2. I'm terrified of birds
  3. I am a birthday person. Go big. (That's the only option.)
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I get that this isn't something I should be proud of because supposedly anyone could do it and supposedly it's a waste of time...but I am still really strangely quite proud of it. (These aren't really in order; and by binge watch I mean watch EVERY episode in a VERY condensed period of time - just btw)
  1. Archer (at least twice)
  2. Seinfeld (at least 3 times)
  3. That 70s Show
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Okay actually it's more like 5 random photos on my phone, chosen with some consideration
  1. This photo which was clearly taken in haste and seems insignificant is actually everything
  2. Don't ask questions! Just kidding it was from one of my roommates' ringmaster Halloween costume a few years ago but it just stayed in our living room for a weirdly long time & became quite the conversation piece
  3. Just a beautiful day in the neighborhood
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  1. An artist
  2. A book illustrator
  3. A photographer
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  1. Eat 1 unusual deep fried thing I've never had before
  2. Ferris wheel
  3. The lift thing
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