Writing this at 3am because can't sleep so here ya go this is me.
  1. I'm an infp
  2. I'm terrified of birds
  3. I am a birthday person. Go big. (That's the only option.)
  4. I love love love dogs and babies
  5. I like beer better than wine
  6. My liquor of choice is tequila which I'm not quite sure what that says about me as a person but hey what can ya do
  7. I've never been hungover
  8. I love getting caught in the rain but don't worry I'm only so-so on pina coladas.
  9. I've never been out of my own time zone and I am 100000% dying to
  10. I am embarrassingly bad at remembering song titles, like literally I forget the title of my favorite song sometimes
  11. I hate the saxophone, like I can recognize that it adds something to a song but I just hate it for no particular articulateable reason.
  12. I LOVE the harmonica! Again I can't articulate why, it's just the best. Every song that features harmonica is better for it. Every single one.
  13. I have the palette of a 10 year old, I literally would rather eat a hamburger or chicken fingers than steak.
  14. I cry way too much for my age..or really for any age above like 6. I don't think I've ever gone a month without crying, really I'm not even sure I've gone 3 weeks.
  15. I'm obsessed with string lights.
  16. I'm obsessed with color. Nothing is as amazing as color.
  17. I'm obsessed with comedy. There's too much for me to say for me to say anything else so I'll leave it at that.
  18. I'm just generally pretty obsessive. I don't care about things in moderation. I'm pretty all or nothing. I prefer the words "intense" or "passionate" but obsessive pretty much covers it I think.
  19. I hate politics. I have political opinions that I actually feel pretty strongly about but I think everyone is likewise entitled and I don't really see the need to broadcast them. I am extremely glad that some people don't hate politics though because without those people there would be nothing.
  20. I think smoking is cool. I don't do it, not because it would probably kill me but because it would kill my parents..or they would kill me.. But seriously come on every cool person ever smoked; you can't picture James Dean and tell me he doesn't have a cigarette in his hand
  21. My favorite time period is a close tie between the 1920s and 1970s (at least in like US history). I actually think there are some cool underlying similarities between the two like there was just such a free-spirited vibe in both of those decades and I am in love with both for it.
  22. I LOVE horses. I also miss them terribly, I don't really get the opportunity for horse interactions at this time in my life.
  23. Ice cream is the key to my heart.
  24. I form sentimental attachments to everything.
  25. I was incredibly sheltered as a child but also learned about some things probably way too early. One thing that I had explained to me at an oddly young age was what a blow job is, but I misheard and thought it was called a blow pop (like the candy) for seriously several years and I just think that's kind of hilarious.
  26. I don't believe in weighing. I think weight is a crazy way to measure your body because it's so dependent on variables like height and body type and muscle mass. I don't think it makes sense to judge your body based on something like that. I know when I feel fat or skinny, that's enough for me.
  27. I am one of the more socially awkward/anxious people I know, if I make you uncomfortable just know that your discomfort is most likely nothing next to the angst happening in me over it
  28. I'm a sap for cheesy romance movies. I could watch The Notebook anytime.
  29. My favorite kind of night is when it's clear enough that you can see the stars (and moon) but there are some fluffy, purple looking clouds too (just not so much as to hide the stars). It's magical.
  30. I LOVE Jeep Wranglers! I am getting one as soon as I can afford it or my current car bites the dust, whichever comes first!
  31. I hate roller coasters.
  32. I can't sleep in socks.
  33. I am extremely, extremely modest like I get mad when my sister comes in the bathroom when I'm in the shower.
  34. Somewhat ironically I guess I think sleeping naked is one of life's greatest pleasures
  35. Money burns a hole in my pocket. I actually hate shopping because I have a problem where I CANNOT go in a store and not buy anything. I'm almost always broke and yet if I go shopping I always, without fail buy at the very least one thing.
  36. I actually quite seriously believe that if I stopped drinking coffee my body would stop working
  37. I have come to the conclusion that I will never be someone who diets. I love food and as previously mentioned I'm childishly picky so mostly I like junk food and I'm not going to force feed myself things I hate. At most I will eat less and exercise more but no "dieting".
  38. I love fire. I could watch a fire burn for hours, days even and never get the slightest bit bored. Any form works too, I love candles, or even just playing with a lighter.
  39. I love nearly anything old. Antiquing is one of my favorite things.
  40. I am moderately afraid of the dark.
  41. My favorite flower is Wisteria and it rocks my world every spring when I start seeing little splashes of purple here and there
  42. I can have a pretty bad temper, but I'm not a very intimidating angry person because anger inevitably makes me cry
  43. Going along with that, I have pretty terrible road rage which mostly just consists of me yelling at the idiots who can't drive from my car where they can't hear me..but I have been known to honk &/or flip-off when the offense warrants it
  44. I don't understand the word "nuance." I've googled it at least 10 times and it still just never really clicks with my brain.
  45. I have a deep rooted fear of my sister & I ending up as the two old spinster sisters who live together and act like an old married couple. That would be great but also ultimately the worst possible fate I think.
  46. I procrastinate like its my job
  47. I think I think I'm harder to read than I actually am
  48. I find most things about myself pretty boring but I hope you haven't :) so that's a little about me, thanks for reading; I can't imagine why you did but you did so thanks!