1. Hate being around other people
  2. Hate being alone
  3. Cry constantly
  4. Cry because I'm tired of other people
  5. Cry because I'm lonely
  6. Don't eat, sometimes literally for days
  7. Eat nonstop, sometimes literally for days
  8. Drink enough coffee to revive a dead elephant
    That's not a saying or anything, I was just trying to quantify it colorfully for ya, but I actually think it could catch on
  9. Get really into frozen bananas for a while because ice cream is too expensive and too fattening to live off of
  10. Never sleep
  11. Feel exhausted around the clock
  12. Have bursts of productivity
  13. Really thrive creatively
    Writing, drawing, painting, diy projects, cooking, you name it
  14. Burn candles nonstop
  15. Get really into yoga
  16. Get into essential oils
  17. Spend lots more money than I have
  18. Cut my own hair
  19. Draw on the tattoo I'm getting soon (and the one I'll get after that) in sharpie once a week
  20. Alternate between listening to sad music that suits my mood, upbeat music in an effort to change my mood, and mellow background music so that I can think without too much distraction or too much silence
  21. Watch a butt load of tv
  22. Watch a butt load of movies
  23. Whine to my best friend around the clock
  24. Drink sporadically
  25. Run which I hate more than anything but sometimes it helps
  26. Journal every single feeling that arises. I journal a lot.
  27. Go on lots of drives, usually around sunset, almost always with the windows down, always always with music
  28. Push people away
  29. Keep a smile on my face so much that most people, including some people I'm closest to think I'm fine which is the intention because I hate when people worry about me
  30. Pray. All the time. Just one big constant prayer and also a million little ones daily. The most healthy and helpful thing I do probably.
  31. Develop a twitch in my left eye that is super annoying
  32. Pick at my lip
    It's this little tick I have because when I was little I was a thumb sucker and I used to suck my thumb and pick at my lip with my pinky but then I got older and my stupid dentist made me stop sucking my thumb but the lip thing just never stopped and now it's a comfort thing and I do it more when I'm sleepy or stressed
  33. Return to the list app after a brief step away during which most of my followers (that I personally know anyways) stopped checking it I'm pretty sure so basically now it's like a diary entry because no ones going to read this 👍🏼 which makes it feel both funner and kinda pointless 💁🏽