Not including the ones Apple won't let me delete.
  1. Flappy Bird
    I never play this stupid game but somehow it feels like my phone is totally retro because it has this game on it. I'll likely never play it again, but there it sits.
  2. Hyperlapse
    I don't get the reason for this app but feel like maybe if I don't delete it some day the reason will come to me in a flash of inspiration. Or not.
  3. YouTube Studio
    I went to vidcon this year with my son and for about thirty second I had the idea that I was going to make videos. Ha. I will not torture you with the results.
  4. Amazon Video
    Do I ever watch videos on Amazon? Rarely. Do I ever watch them on my phone? No. So why do I keep this app? What level of delusion keeps it there?
  5. eMeals
    Weekly meal plans on my phone. Great idea if I could do anything approaching following a meal plan for longer than two days in a row. I should probably cancel the plan. Until I do, the app remains.
  6. Kindle, Overdrive & Bluefire
    I don't read books on my phone. I don't read books on my phone. I don't read books on my phone. But I think if I delete one of these someday I'm going to be stuck in an airport with nothing to do and really want to read the book I started reading on my iPad but I left my iPad at home and the wifi sucks in this airport and I'm down to 5% on my data plan until Tuesday so...