1. Last week we'd already be in school right now.
  2. Why does it not feel like I got an extra hour of sleep?
  3. We weren't saving time. This is ridiculous. Does anyone even know why we do this?
  4. I'm not sure that foundation matches your skin tone.
  5. Your clock is wrong. Not just today but always. You shouldn't rely on that clock.
  6. Are you sure it was farmers? That sound apocryphal.
  7. Oh my God it's dark already can you even believe this?
  8. I mean what if when you see blue, I'm seeing red or something. Isn't that trippy?
  9. I could go to bed right now. I could literally go to bed!
  10. I don't care either way. If it's yes, great. If no, that's fine too. I just wish he didn't act so sketchy about it. Sketchy. I like that word. Sketchy.
  11. I'm starving. Why am I so hungry?
  12. You can't blame everything on the time change. Jesus, you sound like a Republican.
  13. Are the towels dry yet?
  14. No, the "visible spectrum" is not the same as "white" light. White light contains all the colors of the rainbow. The light isn't reflecting its refracting. What are you even talking about? Wait. Is that right? Yes. I know this, okay? I got it. Don't argue with me.
  15. Are we eating soon?