1. Cable installer only able to do one drop, recommended calling contractor as it will be cheaper than Comcast. If we go with builder, can they also put an Ethernet jack by TV and in office upstairs. Also possibly run electric out to gate to possibly install automatic opener
  2. Cut hole for trash can
  3. We installed our own dryer vent
  4. Need direct deposit info
  5. Need yard cut
  6. No lock on back gate
  7. Couple towel rods and such are not level
  8. Kitchen drawer hardware is rubbing - get clamshell style bankers handle
  9. Ideas on plantation shutters
  10. Both bedroom balcony doors stick
  11. Office closet door shim
  12. Mount porch swing / patio hanging chair / hang pot rack
  13. New mail box
  14. Misc small paint spots on hardwood floor
  15. Possible utility sink in laundry closet
    LDR 040 6000 19-Gallon Laundry Tub Kit with Pull Out Faucet https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00B1NLE9Q/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_W-3OxbX9374S7
  16. Electric box doesn't latch closed
  17. Adjust hot water heater temp up