Don't you wish feelings could just go away? Especially the conflicting ones. Just ended things with the handyman and this is what I feel.
  1. That head versus heart feeling
    We weren't in love or anything, but my heart wants to be. My head just knows that he wasn't the right person for that. I need those two to get on the same page already!
  2. Sadness
    Ending anything is hard. But it's all for the better, right?
  3. Proud
    I'm proud of myself. I stood strong even when he tried to convince me I was doing the wrong thing.
  4. Loneliness
    It's back to being alone. But I need to embrace it this time. I need to date myself.
  5. Freedom
    I get to do me and I do love that. I can't be with anyone who doesn't support that. Handyman did to a certain extent, but my full on weird never shined through. BRING ON THE WEIRD 👊🏻💥