While re-watching HBO's Tales From The Crypt anthology for the latest TV Club 10 (which you can read here: http://avc.lu/1PS8PGK), we spotted some familiar faces. Tons of stars hung out with The Cryptkeeper over the years, but these are our favorites.
  1. Lea Thompson
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    in "Only Sin Deep"
  2. Joe Pantoliano
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    in "Dig That Cat... He's Real Gone"
  3. Demi Moore & Jeffrey Tambor
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    in "Dead Right"
  4. Iggy Pop
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    in "For Cryin' Out Loud"
  5. Teri Hatcher
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    in "The Thing From The Grave"
  6. Kyle MacLachlan
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    in "Carrion Death"
  7. Patricia Clarkson
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    in "Mute Witness To Murder"
  8. Jon Lovitz
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    in "Top Billing"
  9. Katey Sagal
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    in "For Cryin' Out Loud"
  10. Kirk Douglas
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    in "Yellow"
  11. Patricia Arquette
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    in "Four-Sided Triangle"
  12. Tom Hanks
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    In "None But The Lonely Heart" (which he also directed)
  13. Carol Kane
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    in "Judy, You're Not Yourself Today"
  14. Brad Pitt
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    in "King Of The Road"
  15. Tim Curry
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    in "Death Of Some Salesman" (yup, that's him - he played an entire hillbilly family in this one)
  16. Steve Coogan
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    in "The Kidnapper"
  17. Ernie Hudson
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    in "Food For Thought"
  18. Ewan McGregor
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    in "Cold War"
  19. Catherine O'Hara
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    in "Let The Punishment Fit The Crime"
  20. Wil Wheaton
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    in "House Of Horror"
  21. Isabella Rossellini & Jon Lithgow
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    in "You, Murderer"
  22. Daniel Craig
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    in "Smoke Wrings"