24 Famous Faces We Were Delighted to See Pop Up in Tales From the Crypt

While re-watching HBO's Tales From The Crypt anthology for the latest TV Club 10 (which you can read here: http://avc.lu/1PS8PGK), we spotted some familiar faces. Tons of stars hung out with The Cryptkeeper over the years, but these are our favorites.
  1. Lea Thompson
    in "Only Sin Deep"
  2. Joe Pantoliano
    in "Dig That Cat... He's Real Gone"
  3. Demi Moore & Jeffrey Tambor
    in "Dead Right"
  4. Iggy Pop
    in "For Cryin' Out Loud"
  5. Teri Hatcher
    in "The Thing From The Grave"
  6. Kyle MacLachlan
    in "Carrion Death"
  7. Patricia Clarkson
    in "Mute Witness To Murder"
  8. Jon Lovitz
    in "Top Billing"
  9. Katey Sagal
    in "For Cryin' Out Loud"
  10. Kirk Douglas
    in "Yellow"
  11. Patricia Arquette
    in "Four-Sided Triangle"
  12. Tom Hanks
    In "None But The Lonely Heart" (which he also directed)
  13. Carol Kane
    in "Judy, You're Not Yourself Today"
  14. Brad Pitt
    in "King Of The Road"
  15. Tim Curry
    in "Death Of Some Salesman" (yup, that's him - he played an entire hillbilly family in this one)
  16. Steve Coogan
    in "The Kidnapper"
  17. Ernie Hudson
    in "Food For Thought"
  18. Ewan McGregor
    in "Cold War"
  19. Catherine O'Hara
    in "Let The Punishment Fit The Crime"
  20. Wil Wheaton
    in "House Of Horror"
  21. Isabella Rossellini & Jon Lithgow
    in "You, Murderer"
  22. Daniel Craig
    in "Smoke Wrings"