Who said retiring means you have to be boring? In celebration of Golden Girls' 30th anniversary, we look at pop-culture-approved activities for your golden years.
  1. Float your home to the Amazon with a ton of balloons
    As seen in: Up
  2. Hook up with someone much, much younger
    As seen in: Last Vegas, Something's Gotta Give, and many more
  3. Curse your way through the cemetary
    As seen in: Nebraska
  4. Avenge your best friend's death
    As seen in: Harry Brown
  5. Devote yourself to fixing all your family's problems via intense KFC product placement
    As seen in: Around The Bend
  6. Move your dog and your favorite chair into your son's high-end condo
    As seen in: Frasier
  7. Play a children's game with your friends until you're all younger versions of yourself
    As seen in: The Twilight Zone and Twilight Zone: The Movie
  8. Develop a heroin habit
    As seen in: Little Miss Sunshine
  9. Fight an undead Egyptian demon
    As seen in: Bubba Ho-Tep
  10. Get involved in an affluent Upper West Side satanic cult
    As seen in: Rosemary's Baby
  11. Ride a lawnmower on a 240-mile trip to mend ties with your estranged brother
    As seen in: The Straight Story
  12. Ditch your upcoming fishing trip so you can hunt down a child-murderer
    As seen in: The Pledge
  13. Discover alien pods that give you a new lease on life
    As seen in: Cocoon
  14. Mentor your replacement
    As seen in: Star Wars, Batman Beyond, Bull Durham, A League Of Their Own, Kingpin, Creed, and more
  15. Cash out, buy a Winnebago, drive the open roads - avoiding Vegas, preferably
    As seen in: Lost In America
  16. Go to space with your old pilot friends
    As seen in: Space Cowboys
  17. Deal coke
    As seen in: Atlantic City
  18. Plan one last caper with three other retired mobsters so you can save your apartment
    As seen in: The Crew
  19. Teach a young boy how to love life, then give it up
    As seen in: Harold And Maude
  20. Write complaint letters about depictions of the elderly in the media
    As seen in: The Simpsons
  21. Move in with a bunch of your divorced or widowed pals
    As seen in: The Golden Girls, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, and more
  22. Play magical Christ figure to another culture while still being a huge racist
    As seen in: Gran Torino
  23. Apply your lifetime of experience to a new field
    As seen in: Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul
  24. Rob a bank
    As seen in: Going In Style
  25. Get betrayed by your government, blow up everything in sight
    As seen in: RED
  26. Live off of - and possibly get killed by - the U.S. Government
    As seen in: My Fellow Americans