The films of Almodóvar are twisty, lurid, & lustful, melodramatic but deeply empathetic, taboo-breaking but moral. He toes the line between fantasy & reality and is unafraid to examine the extremes of sexual experience. Despite the boundary pushing, he's Spain's most prolific filmmaker & these 5 films make for a great beginner's guide to his work
  1. Talk To Her (2002)
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    This mad, daring, and tragic movie is a love story like no other, not least because the connection is one-sided. Almodóvar’s tone and plotting mean audiences can react any of a number of ways to what transpires, a statement that can apply to the director’s whole career, and speaks to how complexly he sees the world.
  2. Volver (2006)
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    The ideal film for the curious: just as gorgeous and moving as his other masterpieces, while hewing a little closer to being a slice of life. It has the power and sense of detail that characterizes a great novella (and outside of a 10-minute stretch, it’s practically family friendly).
  3. Bad Education (2004)
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    Catholicism has always been an important touchstone for Almodóvar, both the teachings of the church and the church itself. Here, the ideals of the former confront the failings of the latter in a film so charged it can barely bring itself to tell its own story.
  4. Women On The Verge Of A Nervous Breakdown (1988)
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    Before he became the respected auteur he is today, Almodóvar made films that were scrappy and messy. He made his reputation with this 1988 highlight, which encompasses one of the widest range of tones imaginable. This is the one to watch to gauge whether you should get into his earlier work.
  5. All About My Mother (1999)
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    Despite his transgressive material, a lot of Almodóvar’s themes are fairly conservative, considering the importance of familial ties and values. All About My Mother is about a particularly strained makeshift family, but it finds beauty in what many would look away from.