1. Groot, Guardians Of The Galaxy
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    “I am Groot."
  2. Hodor, Game Of Thrones
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  3. Duane, Full House
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  4. Beaker, The Muppet Show
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  5. Michael “Lurch” Armstrong, Hot Fuzz
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  6. George, Crazy People (1990)
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  7. Timmy, South Park
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  8. Matt Damon, Team America: World Police
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    “Matt Damon!”
  9. The Road Runner, Looney Tunes
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    “Meep Meep!”
  10. Bubbles, Finding Nemo
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    "Bubbles!" (Also, the flock of seagulls in this movie only say: “Mine? Mine. Mine!”)
  11. Domo, Domo-kun
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    [muffled grunts that mostly sounded like his own name]
  12. Magnitude, Community
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    “Pop, pop!”
  13. Annyong Bluth, Arrested Development
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  14. Uh-Huh, Our Gang, Little Rascals
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