Annyong!: 14 Characters Who (Mostly) Say Only One Thing

  1. Groot, Guardians Of The Galaxy
    “I am Groot."
  2. Hodor, Game Of Thrones
  3. Duane, Full House
  4. Beaker, The Muppet Show
  5. Michael “Lurch” Armstrong, Hot Fuzz
  6. George, Crazy People (1990)
  7. Timmy, South Park
  8. Matt Damon, Team America: World Police
    “Matt Damon!”
  9. The Road Runner, Looney Tunes
    “Meep Meep!”
  10. Bubbles, Finding Nemo
    "Bubbles!" (Also, the flock of seagulls in this movie only say: “Mine? Mine. Mine!”)
  11. Domo, Domo-kun
    [muffled grunts that mostly sounded like his own name]
  12. Magnitude, Community
    “Pop, pop!”
  13. Annyong Bluth, Arrested Development
  14. Uh-Huh, Our Gang, Little Rascals