Bond Reborn: 17 Suggestions for How to Really Reboot 007

Who should slip into the tux after Daniel Craig? We have some fun pitching actors who could fill in and take the iconic movie franchise into unconventional, exciting new directions.
  1. Saif Ali Khan is... Desi Bond
    Ian Fleming conceived of the character as English through and through, but we’ve had a Scottish Bond, a Welsh Bond, an Irish Bond, even an Australian Bond. So why not look to the one-time jewel in the Empire’s crown, and cast an Indian Bond?
  2. Gugu Mbatha-Raw is… Legacy Bond
    If the next 007 films wanted to keep up the continuity of the Daniel Craig era, a fun direction to take things would be the spawn of Bond. What If he had a daughter who wanted to follow in his footsteps? Gugu Mbatha-Raw would kick ass as "Jane" Bond.
  3. Sean Connery is… Elderly Bond
    Imagine an elderly version of Bond, grappling with the weight of his many years in the field and forced out of retirement for one last mission. Of course, this would be the perfect opportunity to bring the incomparable Sean Connery back to the role.
  4. Idris Elba is… Pacifist Bond
    Yes, Elba's been the name on everyone lips and rightfully so. But instead of playing into his commanding, imposing presence, wouldn't it be fun if Elba's Bond was pacifist?
  5. Dwayne Johnson is... American Fish-Out-Of-Water Bond
    As far as we're concerned, The Rock can do whatever he wants. The 007 franchise has been over-the-top before (See: Most of the Roger Moore era), so why not go as big and brash as possible with an honest-to-goodness action star?
  6. Christopher Eccleston is... Misanthropic Bond
    Eccleston is able to project a certain unhinged rage, a despair at the perfidy and hideousness of the human race, that could serve a new kind of Bond, one whose corruption over the years has resulted in a bone-deep contempt for every human enterprise.
  7. Dev Patel is... Young Techie Bond
    What was Bond like as a rookie? We envision Patel's Bond starting out at MI6 as tech support for more established spies while dreaming of one day doing fieldwork himself. In his first missions, Patel would imbue 007 with a bumbling but formidable energy.
  8. Kristen Stewart is... Queer Bond
    James Bond as a lesbian makes a lot of sense. The movie could keep the Bond girl trope, subverting it by making the characters queer and also giving them complicated relationships with the leading lady. Stewart has really come into her own lately and could easily front a Bond film with a subtle, alluring performance. She’d certainly rock the suits.
  9. Benedict Cumberbatch is... Intellectual Bond
    We love the idea of the beloved Brit as a a tweedier, dweebier, Bond. Plus, a focus on the more analytical side of Bond’s job (like Batman’s detective skills, rarely used on film) could temper the series’ tendency toward excess.
  10. Iko Uwais is... Martial Arts Bond
    With the raw ability he displayed in The Raid: Redemption and The Raid 2, Uwais would immediately elevate the potential for Bond action scenes, the bread and butter of the franchise. He'd be a super-spy with some truly impressive moves in the field.
  11. Ewan McGregor is... Swinging Bond
    The idea of smooth-talking, double-entendre-spouting “Oh James” Bond of yesteryear is pretty off-putting by modern standards, but imagine what McGregor could do in Down With Love mode as a James Bond actually living in a brightly colored version of the swinging ’60s.
  12. Alexander Siddig is… Immigrant Bond
    Bond has always been a quintessentially British character and this hypothetical film would keep that idea at its center while also expanding the scope of what it means to be British. Siddig was born in the Sudan but raised in England, adding an international perspective to the series. Plus, he could certainly bring the right erudite-but-suave energy to the role.
  13. Steve Buscemi is… Grounded Bond
    Buscemi’s Bond would still be a highly skilled, highly intelligent, well-dressed agent who’s charismatic in his own way, but not the larger-than-life, infallible cocksure man he's come to be known as. Letting a little air out of the James Bond myth would help keep a sometimes over-the-top series down to earth.
  14. Judi Dench and Emily Blunt are... Grand Dame Bond
    Why not cast Dench herself as the secret agent? She certainly has the presence and, though she likely wouldn't be performing any high-wire stunts, you could give Bond a more cerebral edge and/or include flashbacks to a younger female Bond. Emily Blunt, everyone’s favorite fantasy casting for ass-kicking women, could do wonders in the part.
  15. Mads Mikkelsen is... Horror Villain Bond
    The series could go uber-dark by really emphasizing Bond's job as a killer-for-hire. Mikkelsen would nail this role, hiding in the shadows and ruthlessly taking down his foes, all while being immaculately dressed.
  16. Michael B. Jordan is... Code name: Bond
    Within the world of James Bond movies, the code name “James Bond” is one of an internationally known spy, for better or for worse. Michael B. Jordan would kill it as a young upstart, working hard to get on MI6's radar and be deemed worthy of the "Bond" title.
  17. Hayley Atwell is… MCU crossover Bond
    As Agent Carter, Atwell is already well practiced in the dual arts of espionage and ass-kicking, so we love the idea of a '40s-set 007 film where Bond himself is taken out of commission and MI6 is forced to call on S.H.I.E.L.D.'s top agent to (capably) fill his shoes.