Don't know what to wear for Halloween this year? We've got you covered: Comedian and actor Eugene Mirman (also known as the voice of Gene Belcher on Bob's Burgers) came up with a list for us of some hotter-than-hot costume recommendations. (Illustrations by Nick Wanserski)
  1. Nihilism
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    "I like the idea of being sort of withdrawn and mysterious, and what can be more mysterious that someone wearing a trash bag, like a dark trash bag, with eye holes that say 'nihilism?' You’d be curious. What’s underneath that? Is it perfect? Or is it broken?"
  2. Mayonnaise
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    "I’m suggesting you create a functional mayonnaise Saran Wrap costume. It looks skin-tight and there’s mayonnaise. Is there anything more sexy?"
  3. Naughty rabbi
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    "I think it is important to harness wisdom and then combine it with this sort of very flirtatious sexuality."
  4. Pamela Landy (a CIA director from the Bourne trilogy, played by Joan Allen)
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    "If you find someone who looks at you and goes, 'What are you dressed as? Pamela Landy?', you marry that person."
  5. A slightly see-through Subaru Forester
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    "You would combine this concept of sturdiness and stability and safety with sensuality."
  6. Batman or Batgirl right before they get in the shower
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    "This is the only one where it’s fully about your commitment to the costume. You have to either talk in a growling voice or do a lot of acrobatics. To the casual observer, you’d just appear to be a person either who is naked or in a towel, but the second they spoke to you, they’d be like, 'Oh my god! I’m talking to Batman.' Or, 'Oh my god, I’m talking to Batgirl!'"
  7. Anthony Bourdain
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    "Just a sexy travel writer traveling the globe trying stuff."
  8. Austerity measures
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    "This one is just the idea of curtailing government in a way that would ultimately help save your country. It’s about the sort of sexiness of these extreme measures and the plight. The sexiness of plight."
  9. Sexy witch Ralph Macchio
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    "Theoretically, as the character of a sexy witch Ralph Macchio, you’d have quite a bit of power. You’d have the confidence of learning karate along with the inherent power of a witch. And the sensuality of a witch. And the sensuality of the Karate Kid."