Factory Made: 8 Movie and Tv Versions of Andy Warhol

What was it that Andy Warhol once said? That in the future, everyone would play him in a movie or TV show for 15 minutes?
  1. Bill Hader, Men In Black 3 (2012)
    Alien-hunting Andy
  2. Tom Meeten, Luxury Comedy (2012-14)
    Diner-working Andy
  3. Akos Armont, Andy X (2012)
    Song-singing Andy
  4. Guy Pearce, Factory Girl (2006)
    Artist-exploiting Andy
  5. Jared Harris, I Shot Andy Warhol (1996)
    Dream-crushing Andy
  6. David Bowie, Basquiat (1996)
    Peer-mentoring Andy
  7. Crispin Glover, The Doors (1991)
    Music-loving Andy
  8. Andy Warhol, The Love Boat (1985)
    Self-spoofing Andy