Fictional Bosses You Actually Wouldn't Mind Working For

Bosses can get a bad wrap, but there's plenty of great ones in pop culture. Who would you love to report to? Read some staff picks below and then add yours.
  1. Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Captain Holt (Andre Braugher)
    He’s an even-handed, even-tempered man. He’ll invite you over to include you but then refuse to discuss anything personal, which is the dream of every office worker who doesn’t want to get chatty. (Genevieve Valentine)
  2. Troop Beverly Hills' Phyllis Nefler (Shelley Long)
    sure, Phyllis can lean toward major selfishness at times, but she’s a lovely contradiction. She’ll go to bat for someone she cares about, is easy to pal around with, and has delightfully biting wit. (Becca James)
  3. High Fidelity’s Rob Gordon (John Cusack)
    Gordon seems like the kind of guy who’d both pay you a fair wage and let you wear whatever you wanted to work, as long as you were into cool stuff. Isn’t that the dream? (Marah Eakin)
  4. Parks And Recreation's Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler)
    Given how supportive and considerate Leslie was, it might seem like I’m taking the easy way out, but she's well connected and exceptionally good at her job, so I would learn a lot, including how to prioritize. Yes, she was a perfectionist; but whatever she asked of others she demanded of herself tenfold. (Danette Chavez)
  5. The Simpsons' Hank Scorpio (Albert Brooks)
    On the surface, Homer Simpsons’s short-lived boss Hank Scorpio embodies everything one would like in a leader. He values and respects his employees with zero authoritarian ego. Plus he deftly balances work and leisure, possessing an encyclopedic knowledge of Cypress Creek’s hammock district. (Drew Fortune)
  6. Star Trek: The Next Generation's Jean-Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart)
    Thank goodness for the best boss in the galaxy, Jean-Luc Picard. Klingon High Council wants to strip you of your honor? He’s got your back. Stuck in a malfunctioning holodeck? He’ll be the first one to put on a silly costume and come to the rescue. Need an inspiring speech projected to the cheap seats? There’s no one better. (Mike Vago)
  7. Sam Malone
    Sure he was a womanizer, but he created a great bar atmosphere, and you could tell that he really cared about his employees, even the ones he wasn't trying to get in bed.
    Suggested by   @13spencer
  8. Rose (Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead)
    She believes in her employee and shows it through trust and by giving power. She doesn't take crap from the snarky crabby worker. She is enthusiastic and encourages creativity. Plus, who wouldn't want to say, "Right on top of that Rose!"
    Suggested by   @Mbates11
  9. Jack Donaghy (30 Rock)
    Though borderline ludicrous, Jack did ultimately care about Liz Lemon and a select few other subordinates. Plus, his oft-ridiculous requests would at the very least prove entertaining adventures
    Suggested by   @JustinHairston
  10. Michael Scott!
    Suggested by   @tantan
  11. George Steinbrenner from Seinfeld!
    Suggested by   @ky
  12. The Bluth Family
    (Except maybe on Black Fridays...)
    Suggested by   @omgitsemilyward
  13. Coach Taylor
    He might have just been running a high school football team, but he was hard working, loyal, fair and could deliver a speech like he was the goddamn president. Texas forever!
    Suggested by   @emroth
  14. Obviously Dr Lahiri from The Mindy Project
    Suggested by   @dianad
  15. Lt. Cedric Daniels (The Wire). Though when he needs to be, which is often, but always has his unit's best interests at heart. "What is my rank!"
    Suggested by   @mitchward93
  16. Bob Belcher
    He’s happy to collaborate on projects, when the need or opportunity arises, and he’s comfortable thinking outside the box.
    Suggested by   @andy94
  17. Leslie Knope
    Parks and Recreation. The most feminist character on tv. The most awesome boss.
    Suggested by   @marta
  18. Lorelai Gilmore
    Professional, but super chill boss. As long as you're doing your job. Access to great food. Reasonable dress code. Hilarious co-workers (how fun would it be to work with Sookie?). Friends and family dinners. Possibility of sleeping at the Inn when things get a little chaotic at home (thanks for setting that precedent, Sookie!). And how great would it be to work for someone making their dream happen? Pretty great.
    Suggested by   @ebsquared
  19. Hurley (Lost)
    Suggested by   @brandonarrr
  20. Jimmy James from News Radio
    Suggested by   @sunday