Inspired by the recent news that Sandra Bullock would be heading up a female-led Ocean's Eleven update (story here:, we're daydreaming of the amazing cast-to-be. Add your suggestions below and we'll assemble the gang from our favorites!
  1. Sandra Bullock
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    Sandy will obviously be the group's de facto leader, assembling a killer team and plotting the master heist, all the while being charming as all hell.
  2. Jessica Lange
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    I don't think I need to say more
    Suggested by @zabsters
  3. Lupita Nyong'o
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    America's/Mexico's/Kenya's sweetheart. Legit human cinnamon roll that can do nothing wrong. Would love to see her as Matt Damon to Sandy's Clooney.
    Suggested by @yoshina
  4. Ellen Page
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    Especially great next to Leo in Inception which was pretty much another great heist movie.
    Suggested by @derek_
  5. Leslie Jones
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    As the "Bernie Mac" of the group. She's funny as shit
    Suggested by @Waz
  6. Julia Roberts
    Who's to say that she can't appear in two different Ocean's Eleven franchises?
    Suggested by @Squirrelguy
  7. Telma Hopkins
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    Affectionately remembered for her role as Aunt Rachel on "family matters"
    Suggested by @dave
  8. Emma Stone
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    She's sassy and hilarious. Her facial expressions can make her the Brad Pitt of the movie.
    Suggested by @Dr_KMK
  9. Emily Blunt - she exudes confidence, attitude and cool. She owns every scene that she is in. She has the credibility to question authority and decisions and the audience would respect her opinion.
    Suggested by @logan090
  10. Chelsea Peretti
    I want to see her sarcastic flair brought him to some elaborate heist mission. I can already see her as a surveillance person on a headset being really difficult
    Suggested by @marcb
  11. Constance Wu. Her Asian mom death stare would get them right into the Bellagio safe!
    Suggested by @polarama