Home Sweet Wasteland: 7 Perfectly Livable Post-apocalyptic Communities

There's a long tradition in video games where indefatigable survivors carve out a tiny slice of heaven in a world sent to hell. Some of these makeshift towns, while they might not be beautiful, do at least manage to become downright livable.
  1. Diamond City, Fallout 4 (2015)
    Outside its walls, raiders and hulking mutants tear each other to shreds over humanity’s scraps. Inside, meanwhile, the residents of Diamond City live safely in the fortified remnants of Fenway Park and enjoy the comforts of a pre-nuclear-holocaust lifestyle.
  2. Fortune City, Dead Rising 2 (2010)
    Set just five years after the zombie uprising that shook the world in the original Dead Rising, the sequel depicts a world in which people have become so blasé about flesh-eating corpses that they use the ghouls to spice up corny televised daredevil stunts. Where most cities on the mend would prioritize, say, hospitals and infrastructure, Fortune City has been busy reopening its casinos.
  3. Wormriders’ territory, Panzer Dragoon Orta (2002)
    The Wormriders of Panzer Dragoon seem to be living fairly well! They’ve got their worms, game to hunt, and snappy clothes. Also, they appear to live in the one place that isn’t pockmarked by caves hiding old lasers and hybrid dragons that are going to kill everyone all over again.
  4. The Bastion, Bastion (2011)
    In Bastion, the planet has been sundered and left in ruin. The only livable part, apparently, is a floating piece of prime real estate known as The Bastion. There’s plenty of room for small business development there, and not just armories and the like. Players can build a distillery, for instance, if they’re so inclined.
  5. Leaf, Crystalis (1990)
    Every step you take in the wild may be plagued by hatchet-throwing goat-men, but the moment you step through the city gates, it’s all flower beds and precocious children.
  6. Kohlingen, Final Fantasy VI (1994)
    In a time when most villages are lucky to still have a living shopkeeper, Kohlingen not only manages to keep its watering hole open, but has booze stores big enough that the pub can afford to “overserve” its guests.
  7. Jackson County, The Last Of Us (2013)
    In The Last Of Us, your stay in Jackson County is refreshingly free of diseased, shambling maniacs, although you do contend with bandits. (If you want to run a power plant in the post-plague world, you’re going to get a few bandits.) But otherwise, Jackson County is a remarkably functional society, one that almost tempts Joel into ending his unlikely quest to formulate a cure for the zombie infection that laid the world low.