Let's See Your Co-workers' Awesome Halloween Costumes

Is this a list yet? We just want to see everyone's costumes!
  1. Strawberry Poundcake
  2. Pee-Wee Herman
  3. M. Gustave and Zero from The Grand Budapest Hotel
    Whoa. This wins. We don't even care that having a baby is "cheating."
  4. Awkward seal meme
    Suggested by   @_kbtoys
  5. Uncle Jesse
    This one was actually for me, I screamed
    Suggested by   @sky
  6. Hotline Bling Drake
    Suggested by   @sky
  7. ET and Elliott and the moon
    I'm the hand on the left
    Suggested by   @sky
  8. Socality Barbie
    Suggested by   @nantea
  9. Disgust from Inside Out
    Suggested by   @HMCorby
  10. Pirate theme in my office!
    Suggested by   @deb
  11. Roz from Monsters Inc. @katiewinslow
    Suggested by   @amieshmamie
  12. So. Many. Minions. (school staff)
    Suggested by   @ErinM
  13. Jabba The Hut
  14. The Lego Movie cast
    Suggested by   @lorikay36
  15. LOTR
    I'm gollum... We work in an elementary school and the younger children were afraid.
    Suggested by   @Hellohayley
  16. Marty McFly
    Suggested by   @slvrankh80
  17. Star Wars X-Wing Fighter
    Suggested by   @jessy