Recently, Nickelodeon announced that it was considering re-launching several of its classic shows. While many nostalgia purists (understandably) shuttered at the thought, we think there are many classic Nick shows that would actually be ripe for rebooting. Check out some of our staff "pitches" below and add your own!
  1. Doug
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    Nickelodeon has always been fairly forward-thinking in its programming, yet somehow still never had a show with a gay protagonist. Who better to normalize being gay than Doug, perhaps the most normal of all kids in the Nick universe? Making Doug gay wouldn’t change the fabric of the show all that much, but it’ll have the benefit of lending interest to a character whose problems sometimes tended toward the mundane.
  2. Are You Afraid Of The Dark?
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    Are You Afraid Of The Dark? was an early taste of both horror and excellent anthology television for kids. Spruce it up with some modern horror stories (a ghost who haunts Instagram photos; a new cellphone model that makes people over 30 go insane), dedicate the money and resources to make it prestige-level television, and Are You Afraid Of The Dark? is American Horror Story for kids.
  3. The Secret World Of Alex Mack
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    With superheroes gradually taking over TV, it makes perfect sense to reboot this story of an ordinary teen given extraordinary abilities via chemical accident. It's a great machine for storytelling, and all of the show’s core ideas are still relevant. Retain the relationship between Alex and her Annie to keep the strong female character focus, and take advantage of the vast improvements to CGI.
  4. Figure It Out
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    Basically What’s My Line for kids, Figure It Out asked Nickelodeon celebrities to surmise what a random kid’s talent, physical quirk, or obscure interest was. With minor updates, like a digital clue board, the show could work again today, especially if—again—it incorporates a large social media component. Guessers get 10 to 15 questions to try and figure out some kid’s deal, all while facing falling water, slime, and random clues. It’s classic stuff, why not try it again?
  5. Legends of the Hidden Temple
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    Suggested by @Waz
  6. Rocko's Modern Life
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    They cared about environmental issues, they broke the 4th wall, they pushed the boundaries of what was appropriate for children's programming, they were, simply, the best.
    Suggested by @Nicholas