1. Six Feet Under, "That's My Dog"
    The hitchhiker from hell.
  2. Dexter, "The Getaway"
    Dexter finds that, in his line of work, there's no way to avoid collateral damage.
  3. Breaking Bad, "Ozymandias"
    The jaw-dropping episode that brought Heisenberg to his knees.
  4. The Good Wife, "Dramatics, Your Honor"
    A shocking character death took viewers by surprise.
  5. NewsRadio, "Bill Moves On"
    The influential show says goodbye to Phil Hartman.
  6. Angel, "A Hole In The World"
    Joss Whedon muses about the deep rot at the center of all existence.
  7. Game Of Thrones, "The Rains Of Castamere"
    The Red Wedding... Need we say more?
  8. Deadwood, "Requiem For A Gleet"
    One of TV's most disgusting medical procedures.
  9. Archie Bunker's Place, "Archie Alone"
    A sad end to a beloved character from All In The Family.
  10. My So-Called Life, "Life Of Brian"
    An episode that turned its focus to awkward nerd Brian Krakow.
  11. The Office, "Scott's Tots"
    Michael crushes high school students' dreams in the series' most cringe-worthy episode.
  12. The Wire, "-30-"
    The shows' crushing finale.
  13. Hannibal, "Tome-wan"
    A nightmarish episode: The show at its gruesome peak.
  14. Buffy The Vampire Slayer, "The Body"
    An unbearably, realistically bleak chapter of the supernatural favorite.
  15. The Sopranos, "Long Term Parking"
    Few character deaths resonated as much as this one.
  16. Friday Night Lights, "The Son"
    A painful look at teen life that hits too close to home.
  17. ER, "Love's Labors Lost"
    One kindly, well-meaning doctor has a day from hell.
  18. House, "Wilson's Heart"
    One guy-punch after another in this season finale.
  19. Black Mirror, "White Bear"
    A gutting twist takes this techno-thriller to another level.
  20. Gilmore Girls, "A House Is Not A Home"
    Rory goes off the rails and upends the entire series.