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  1. Comedy Bang! Bang! - Best of 2015 Pt. 4
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    In this fourth and final installment of host Scott Aukerman and special guest Paul F. Tompkins counting down the best eps of Comedy Bang! Bang! in 2015, there’s a sense that listeners are peering into the mouth of madness.
  2. Call Your Girlfriend - Phone-a-Friend: Shani Hilton Of BuzzFeed News
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    Good friends and rad creators Ann Friedman and Aminatou Sow, hosts of the Robyn-inspired Call Your Girlfriend podcast, recently debuted a Phone-A-Friend interview series featuring conversations with interesting women in media. This week Sow calls up BuzzFeed News executive editor Shani Hilton, who manages more than 100 reporters and the direction of the website’s newsroom, which includes her push to build a more diverse staff of writers.
  3. Death, Sex & Money - Living Alone, One Year Later
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    Last year, Death, Sex & Money host Anna Sale asked her listeners to send her their stories about living alone—what they love about it, what they miss about living with other people, and the struggle to cope with the transitions that come with having your own space, especially for the first time. Sale then checked back in with some of her interviewees a year later to see what has changed since their first talk.
  4. I Was There Too - Classic—Inglourious Basterds: Paul Rust
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    Matt Gourley declares repeatedly before this throwback episode begins that it is one of his favorites to date. Not only is Paul Rust a perfect guest, conversational and brimming with anecdotes, Inglorious Basterds happens to be Gourley’s favorite Quentin Tarantino movie. Throughout their discussion, Gourley is excited and knowledgeable, watching his dreams for the podcast come true. Rust plays Pfc. Andy Kagan, one of the 10 Basterds
  5. The Infinite Monkey Cage - The Infinite Monkey Cage Christmas Special: Ross Noble, Fay Dowker, Paul Franklin, Victor Stock
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    In this Christmas day special, the hosts and their panel tackle the science of Doctor Who, from space-time wormholes (not to be confused with wormholes made by worms) to something that is really and truly called “the crotch singularity” to how Doctor Who science fiction has become just plain science since the show first aired in 1963. It all makes for a surprisingly warm and funny episode, and it’s a must-listen for even the casual Whovian of any era.
  6. Only Human - Why Is Healthcare So Expensive? We Ask an Expert: Zeke Emanuel
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    This week on Only Human, host Mary Harris asks a question almost everyone has asked at some point in their lives, “Why is healthcare so expensive?” Harris has wondered this many times, especially as a former patient being treated for breast cancer, which she details in Only Human’s inaugural episode.
  7. Roderick On The Line - Here Comes Nacho
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    When Merlin Mann and the rest of John Roderick’s captive audience last left him, he was cruising down Interstate 5 in his $4,000 GMC RV, sleeping in the same Hawaiian shirt for days at a time, living without a care off the pay-it-forward, little black book economy of the recreational vehicle community—a dream come true. But when his RV broke down on the mountainous, curved, and rapidly darkening highways of Redding, California, that dream became a waking nightmare.
  8. Sex Lives - Finally Paying Attention To Vagina Size: Kevin Allison
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    Why doesn’t anyone care about vagina size? This week on the New York Magazine’s Sex Lives Podcast, David Wallace-Wells and Maureen O’Connor ask why our culture is so dick-obsessed, thanks to a piece by anthropology professor Holly Dunsworth exploring why evolutionary scientists spend so much time trying to figure out why the penis looks the way it does today, yet fail to ask the same questions about the female anatomy.
  9. So Many Damn Books - Christopher And Drew’s Top Six Of 2015
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    In this week’s episode of So Many Damn Books, hosts Christopher Hermelin and Drew Broussard say goodbye to 2015 with a list of their favorite books of the year—right after admitting to each other that they both have a problem with the culture of ranking things in year-end lists.
  10. Story And Star Wars - The Force Awakens: Alastair Stephens
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    StoryWonk’s Alastair Stephens dissects the narrative somersaults and pratfalls of Episode VII with the caveat and promise that he will return to the subject in a later episode, once he’s had the chance to watch it a few dozen more times on DVD. That said, the host has a firm understanding of the latticework of good storytelling and delivers genuine insights into why this new film seems to work so well.
  11. This American Life - Say Yes To Christmas: Chris Gethard, Mike Birbiglia, Aidy Bryant, Scott Adsit, Tami Sagher, Sasheer Zamata, Stephanie Foo
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    Christmas is just not the same when you’re an adult. The excitement, the wonder, the feeling that anything can happen fades quick. Ira Glass posits that it’s nearly impossible to hold on to that magic as you get older, and decides to explore where to find the same sort of feeling in the adult world. He realizes that one of the only places adults truly give in to the notion that anything can happen, is at an improv comedy show.
  12. We Should Have A Podcast - A Very Special Episode
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    As regular listeners of We Should Have A Podcast are aware, hosts Corey Podell and Courtney Pauroso are typically brazen and hilarious. Following last week’s surprising and powerful viral Instagram post by stand-up comedian Beth Stelling, detailing the serious physical and emotional abuse she endured from her now ex-boyfriend, Pauroso reveals her own experiences at the hands of the same individual.