The 15 Podcasts You Need to Listen to This Week

For the week on November 16, 2015. Check out our full list of recommendations every week, with Podmass
  1. Bret Easton Ellis Podcast - Michael Angelakos
    As easy as it is to call Michael Angelakos’ episode of the Bret Easton Ellis Podcast his “coming out” interview, it also feels disingenuous. Yes, he decided to reveal his homosexuality publicly for the first time while on-air with the author (he’s told select friends since June), but this doesn’t even happen until more than halfway through the discussion.
  2. WTF - Lorne Michaels
    Maron fluxes between anger and glee during the interview, airing his grievances about not getting hired at Saturday Night Live while simultaneously worshiping at Michaels’ feet. And Michaels, well, he’s just delighted at how much Maron has obsessed over him (or is it least doing a very good job at pretending he’s not totally freaked). From his start in Canada to his start in television to a breakdown of the relationships between SNL cast members, the legend of Lorne Michaels is finally uncovered
  3. Codebreaker - Is It Evil? Email
    New podcast Codebreaker launched this week, and it’s attempting to transform the way people consume podcasts. Hosted by Ben Johnson, the podcast aims to “answer the fundamental questions about technology that consume us every day.” And in addition to releasing a brand new episode every week, the whole season is available to binge on, like a Netflix series. The show’s quest this season? To examine different forms of technology in the average daily lives and ask the question, “Is it evil?”
  4. The Treatment - Aziz Ansari: Netflix’s Master Of None
    If you are not already watching Master Of None, listening to Ansari describe his creative process in co-creating and co-producing it will likely inch you a bit closer to hitting the play button. Anyone’s who’s seen his stand-up or heard him on podcasts already knows that he’s a thoughtful guy, and this will not dissuade anyone of that notion.
  5. The Black List Table Reads - Chrome Noir: Kent Tessman
    On this episode, the hosts share the never-produced screenplay, Chrome Noir It’s a film-noir story set in an alternate world where robots—or as they call them, Mechanicals—roam the street.The cast (Collin Hanks, Zachary Levi, Katie Lowes, and more) brings the script to life with its performances, which are only enhanced by the jazzy score and crisp sound effects. With its strong characters and enthralling narration, it’s the perfect script for Black List fans.
  6. Attitude Era - Royal Rumble 2001
    It’s the last Royal Rumble of Attitude Era and hosts Kefin Mahon, Adam Bibilo, and Billy Keable think it’s one of the best of all time. Credit the Rumble itself—a 30-man, lottery-based battle royale—as it combines a little bit of everything: hardcore tomfoolery, comedy antics, and, once The Rock enters, some edge-of-your-seat fisticuffs. That this trio can find pathos in the most tossed-off segments is a testament to both the purity of their fandom and their talent as hosts.
  7. The Distance - Family Medicine: Abdul Qaiyum
    This week’s episode of The Distance, a Chicago-based podcast about long-running businesses, covers a surprising origin story about one of the city’s most beloved family-owned shops, Merz Apothecary. Forty-three years ago, Pakistani immigrant Abdul Qaiyum visited the 100-year-old apothecary for the first time—and left the store that day the new owner.
  8. Human Conversation - Dream Maker: Matthew Porretta
    The brilliance of the Human Conversation podcast is that, while it doesn’t follow any preset format, every avenue that it follows bears rich fruit, whether comedic or otherwise. While there are several factors that account for this, it principally rests on the genial honesty of hosts Erin McGathy and Wayne Federman and the quarter-century age gap between the two. This provides for a show that has plenty humor and genuine emotion burbling through its every moment.
  9. I Don't Even Own A Television - Casino Royale: Lauren Parker
    In this week’s timely episode Friedman and Collision are joined by guest Lauren Parker—herself the host of the Book Feelings podcast—in an attempt to dissuade those caught up in the excitement of the latest James Bond film from cracking the spine of Ian Fleming’s first Bond book, Casino Royale. The trio are amazed that the misogynistic, middle-manager Bond of this book gave birth to the suave and enjoyable character of the film series.
  10. Pistol Shrimps Radio - Jensen Karp
    There is something very dada about the comedy Matt Gourley and co-host Mark McConville are doing on the thoroughly experimental Pistol Shrimps Radio, making it perhaps the most important of his current programs. The premise is simple: The Pistol Shrimps are a recreational women’s basketball team in Los Angeles, playing in a league comprised of actors, models, comedians, and other Hollywood types, where Gourley and McConville do live play-by-play recordings of the Shrimps’ games.
  11. Reveal - Exposing The Horrors On The Mountain
    Reported by Jack Rodolico, this week’s episode of Reveal is a detailed investigation into decades of reported abuse and neglect at Lakeview NeuroRehabilitation Center in New Hampshire. Rodolico visits the facility, interviewing patients’ families, who detail horror after horror suffered by their loved ones: mysterious unreported injuries, patients who ran away and weren’t found for days, sexual assault committed by patients and staff, and blatant neglect resulting in the death of a patient.
  12. Savage Lovecast - Savage Love Episode 472: Debra Soh
    Dan Savage is well known for his ability to stir up a gyre of righteous indignation in his listeners. However, a skill at which he’s equally adept is assuaging that same fanbase’s disquiet. And that’s precisely what he does during the opening rant of this week’s show, somehow managing to reframe the city of Houston’s depressing new anti-trans law as the panicked response of an electorate that is watching culture change before its fearful eyes.
  13. Someone Else's Movie - Milcho Manchevski On Amadeus
    Host Norm Wilner, senior film writer for Toronto’s NOW Magazine, invites a person from the film industry to talk specifically about their love for a film which they had no hand in creating. This week Wilner is joined by Macedonian filmmaker Milcho Manchevski—director of the Oscar-nominated Before The Rain—to explore his abiding love for Miloš Forman’s 1984 film Amadeus.
  14. The Talkhouse - Lil Bub with Jon Wurster (G-Rated)
    Pairing the internet’s favorite cat Lil Bub with Jon Wurster is one of the more creative pairings in The Talkhouse’s history. The occasion for the get-together is the release of Bub’s debut album Science & Magic. As with any interview between man and cat, there’s a thread of absurdity that runs through Wurster’s questions and Bub’s responses, which take the form of a meow or a purr or, when things become too complicated for Wurster to interpret, the words of Bub’s dude Mike Bridavsky.
  15. With Special Guest Lauren Laupkus - Laura Willcox: Dafuqs Da Matter You With Nicolette Scoppapapalee
    Guest and host Laura Willcox plays Nicolette, while Lapkus plays her cousin Natalie. The two effortlessly create a fully realized universe at the top of the show, making it one of the most successful episodes to date. To create a whole new podcast every week is a difficult task, but Willcox takes the reins as if she’s been doing this show for years. It allows the two to deliver some of the most solid character improv With Special Guest Lauren Lapkus has seen yet.