The Best Characters/sketches From Nickelodeon's All That

Inspired by our interview with Kel Mitchell (read it here:, we want to know your favorite memories from the iconic 90s sketch show.
  1. Good Burger
  2. Vital Information With Lori Beth Denberg
  3. Ask Ashley
  4. Everyday French With Pierre Escargot
  5. Montell Jordan performing "I Like"
    Not a sketch, but rather one of the show-ending musical performances. There's something so disturbingly awful about a room full ok kids singing "Make it hot, Montell, make it hot."
    Suggested by   @Waz
  6. Ear Boy and Pizza Face
    Suggested by   @hollis
  7. Repair Man (Man Man Man)
    Suggested by   @gabe
  8. Detective Dan
    Boys! Beat the soup! Children's show giving it real on police brutality
    Suggested by   @dcerruti