Inspired by our interview with Kel Mitchell (read it here:, we want to know your favorite memories from the iconic 90s sketch show.
  1. Good Burger
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  2. Vital Information With Lori Beth Denberg
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  3. Ask Ashley
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  4. Everyday French With Pierre Escargot
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  5. Montell Jordan performing "I Like"
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    Not a sketch, but rather one of the show-ending musical performances. There's something so disturbingly awful about a room full ok kids singing "Make it hot, Montell, make it hot."
    Suggested by @Waz
  6. Ear Boy and Pizza Face
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    Suggested by @hollis
  7. Repair Man (Man Man Man)
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    Suggested by @gabe
  8. Detective Dan
    Boys! Beat the soup! Children's show giving it real on police brutality
    Suggested by @dcerruti