Below are a few staff picks to kick things off, but feel free to add your favorites! (Quick note: As much as we LOVE Mad Max: Fury Road, simply saying "The whole movie!" won't cut it - we want specific scenes)
  1. Big Dick Richie's gas station striptease in Magic Mike XXL
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    Set to the tune of Backstreet Boys' "I Want It That Way."
  2. The single-take boxing match in Creed
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    The seriously engrossing scene puts the audience right in the ring.
  3. Nathan's eerie/hilarious boogie in Ex Machina
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    Oscar Isaac is a national treasure.
  4. The final scene of Phoenix
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    The German noir wraps things up with a stunning scene: A few knowing glances exchanged while Nina Hoss' Nelly sings "Speak Low."
  5. Mimi Clare's House in Mistress America
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    Noah Baumbauch and Greta Gerwig's script flourishes in this sequence into a screwball symphony that is some of the funniest material of the past few years.
    Suggested by @zappullaj
  6. Agu struggling to carry an injured Strika through the jungle in 'Beasts of No Nation'
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    How emotionally poignant and humanizing to watch a child soldier carry his dying friend on his back...
    Suggested by @lstblkgrl
  7. When the soldiers descend into the sunset in Sicario
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    This movie was aesthetically pleasing, but this shot especially. Very thematic as well. Not to mention the entire movie was intense.
    Suggested by @wanda
  8. Steve Wozniak confronting Steve Jobs about Jobs' continued disrespect
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    Wherein Woz dismantles the Jobs mythos. It's uninterrupted, unadulterated Sorkinian glory
    Suggested by @TheSteve
  9. When Bing Bong leaves himself behind in Inside Out
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    Suggested by @goertli
  10. Jack's very first view of the world
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    The ambivalent expression of both wonder and fear perfectly mirrors how Jack will feel everyday for many years to come following his heroic escape from captivity. A flawless performance not from a great child actor but from a great actor period.
    Suggested by @paulus
  11. Turkish grandmother knocks out the electricity to protect Lale and her sisters in Mustang
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    Suggested by @charlottery