An alphabetical guide to our favorite under-appreciated Springfieldians
  1. A: Arnie Pye
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    Fronting Channel 6’s “Arnie Pye In The Sky”, Pye usually plays journalistic second banana to Kent Brockman.
  2. B: Bumblebee Man
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    He’s a grown man dressed as a bumblebee who appears anytime a Simpsons character turns on the Spanish-language channel.
  3. C: Cletus
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    Cletus has been a go-to character whenever the writers want to contrast their lumpen central family with locals who are even cruder.
  4. D: Disco Stu
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    Much like disco itself, Disco Stu was a passing fancy that ended up having a surprising shelf life.
  5. E: Eddie
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    Chief Wiggum relies on Lou more for insights at crime scenes, but it’s Eddie he would count on if he ever had to put Springfield under martial law.
  6. F: Frank Grimes
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    For a few fleeting moments, Frank tries living like a Simpson—only to die like a Grimes. He learned too late that normal human beings don’t last long in Homer’s universe.
  7. G: Gil Gunderson
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    The personification of America’s hapless, faltering, sweat-drenched middle class, Ol’ Gil is among The Simpsons’ most tragicomic creations.
  8. H: Hans Moleman
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    Hans Moleman exists largely as a vehicle for sadistic Simpsons writers to work out their violent fantasies.
  9. I: Inanimate Carbon Rod
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    Springfield Nuclear Power Plant's “Worker Of The Week”!
  10. J: Jasper Beardly
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    Beardly is prone to injury, may be at least partially blind, and was used at first to deliver quick one-liners, usually about aging
  11. K: Kearney
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    He’s one of those characters you can tell the writers have fun with: Because he’s rarely crucial to the story, they can throw random bits of backstory at him to tickle observant viewers—and themselves.
  12. L: Lindsey Naegle
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    The showrunners liked Tress MacNeille’s performance enough to bring the character back, and Lindsey evolved beyond her one-note beginnings into a slightly more versatile caricature of a self-assured businesswoman.
  13. M: Mr. Teeny
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    Teeny is a great vehicle for visual gags, and he’s a window into Krusty’s abusive nature.
  14. N: Dr. Nick Riviera
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    Just as good as Dr. Hibbert but without the unnecessary premium of a conscience, Dr. Nick is the physician Springfield turns to whenever it needs procedures performed inexpensively and incompetently.
  15. O: Old Jewish Man
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    Also known as Crazy Old Man, he's little more than a delivery system for an exaggerated, funny accent, but we love him nonetheless.
  16. P: Poochie
    An amalgamation of soulless marketing ideas, the extreme, laid-back surfer pooch is rejected by Itchy & Scratchy fans.
  17. Q: Freddy Quimby
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    The enfant terrible of Springfield’s resident Kennedy family, Freddy Quimby manages to make his uncle, Mayor Joe Quimby, look like a humble servant of the people with his spoiled antics.
  18. R: Rich Texan
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    A two-gun-totin’, Stetson-wearin’, oil-drillin’, Republican-votin’ son-of-a-gun, the Rich Texan always turns up to dance his little jig at the scene of capitalism run amok.
  19. S: Squeaky-Voiced Teen
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    The lack of identity suits the character just fine, qualifying him to man counters and clean floors beyond the fast-food realm of Krusty Burger.
  20. T: Todd Flanders
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    Todd is adventurous and talented where Rod is blandly obedient.
  21. U: Üter
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    Originally a throwaway sight-gag, Üter Zörker has long since ceased to be “that foreign exchange student” and has become one of the more recognizable attendees of Springfield Elementary.
  22. V: Vaclav
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    Vaclav may have made only a brief impact on The Simpsons, but he is certainly a character whose name begins with “V.”
  23. W: Wiseguy
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    Wiseguy has appeared in dozens of different jobs around Springfield—pet store clerk, repo man, and TV cameraman among them.
  24. X: Xoxochitla
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    Like her real-world inspiration, Brazilian children’s entertainer Xuxa, Xoxochitla is a much bigger deal on her native continent.
  25. Y: Yes Guy
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    The Yes Guy represents The Simpsons’ ability to warp and remix a pop-culture touchstone so effectively that it ultimately becomes the show’s own.
  26. Z: Zutroy
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    You could argue that Zutroy is the same vaguely Eastern Bloc character design as Vaclav, but that would be preposterous. Zutroy here is as American as apple pie; Mr. Burns says as much to an inspector from the Department Of Labor who dares to question Burns’ hiring practices.