Need some post-turkey TV? We've got you covered. Below are 25 highly recommended shows that you can binge over the long holiday weekend, broken down into 4 categories.
  1. iZombie
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    (Category: Best Of 2015) From the creative team behind Veronica Mars, this comic adaptation expertly balances its darker elements with expert gallows humor, splitting time with weekly cases and an intriguing zombie mythology. Where To Watch: Season 1 is on Netflix, w/ the current season available on Hulu.
  2. Wayward Pines
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    (Category: Best Of 2015) So much more than the stale re-hashing of Twin Peaks set up by its promos, Wayward Pines presents multiple mysteries, each episode a fresh serving of new questions the show slowly answers. Where To Watch: It's all available on Hulu.
  3. Wet Hot American Summer: First Day Of Camp
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    (Category: Best Of 2015) The star-packed series fills in some of the cult film’s backstory, while engaging in the mix of conceptual weirdness and outright silliness that made the original movie so beloved. Where To Watch: Available on Netflix.
  4. The Flash
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    (Category: Best Of 2015) The Flash is a joyful throwback to the good spirits and optimism of early comic adaptations, and understands how to embrace the absurdity of its Silver Age source material. Where To Watch: Season 1 is on Netflix, w/ the current season available on Hulu.
  5. Other Space
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    (Category: Best Of 2015) Other Space is Paul Feig’s take on sci-fi comedy, as an inexperienced, goofball crew on a routine training mission winds up lost in an alternate universe whose random rules wreak inventively loopy havoc. The show effectively combines eccentric sci-fi concepts with low-key character comedy from an endearingly quirky cast. Where To Watch: It's all on Yahoo Screen
  6. Brooklyn Nine-Nine
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    (Category: Best Of 2015) This ensemble has achieved perfect comic alchemy, able to team up in any combination and deliver a satisfying story. And to those who doubt that Braugher’s deadpan delivery can carry a sitcom, two words for you: HOT DAMN! Where To Watch: All episodes are available to Hulu subscribers.
  7. Jane The Virgin
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    (Category: Best Of 2015) We’ve been waiting for you. “We” being all of the people who loved Jane The Virgin when it began airing last year, gleefully devouring every episode about the overachiever Jane (the divine Gina Rodriguez) who is accidentally artificially inseminated by the heartbroken sister of her eventual baby daddy. The best new show of last year has continued to be stellar in its second season. Where To Watch: Season 1 is on Netflix, w/ the current season available on Hulu.
  8. Catastrophe
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    (Category: Best Of 2015) Rob Delaney and Sharon Horgan’s six-episode series was one of the year’s most realistic views of relationships, even if most relationships don’t involve unexpected pregnancies in their beginning weeks. It’s sweet yet acidic, heartfelt and incredibly funny. Where To Watch: Amazon Prime.
  9. Steven Universe
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    (Category: Best Of 2015) Steven Universe sees single dad Greg work together with the Crystal Gems, super-powered protectors of the planet, to bring up his son Steven. Despite being extraterrestrials, the Gems display plenty of human traits, including arrogance and jealousy. It's remarkably mature for a "kids' show." Where To Watch: The complete first season is available on Hulu, and Cartoon Network is streaming the first part of season two on its website.
  10. Flesh And Bone
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    (Category: Start To Finish) Where Smash embraced camp and lightened up any dark moments with big Broadway-ready production numbers, Flesh And Bone starts off intense and just keeps diving deeper. Where To Watch: Via Starz on demand, through Roku, or at
  11. The Supersizers...
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    (Category: Start To Finish) It would seem counterintuitive, maybe, to spend Thanksgiving watching other people stuff their faces on TV when you could watch your family do it right in front of you. But whether you’re at home or going solo, when the eaters in question are Sue Perkins and Giles Coren and the food is a banquet from British history, magic happens. Where To Watch: On Hulu, with subscription.
  12. Enlightened
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    (Category: Start To Finish) Perennially ignored, increasingly forgotten, painfully funny HBO series from creator-costar Mike White follows corporate fuck-up-turned do-gooder Laura Dern as she returns from a mandatory stint in rehab inconveniently obsessed with transforming her heartless employers. Where To Watch: HBO Go.
  13. The Ben Stiller Show
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    (Category: Start To Finish) Co-created by Judd Apatow, The Ben Stiller Show was one of those too-good-to-live series, skewering just about everything possible in the ’90s and beyond, mainly by merging two seemingly disparate pop-culture elements. Where To Watch: CW Seed.
  14. 666 Park Avenue
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    (Category: Start To Finish) 666 Park Avenue is the original, less Ryan Murphy-camp-filled American Horror Story: Hotel. A little like Fantasy Island as well, the drama asks two questions: If you could make one wish, what would it be? Where To Watch: Netflix.
  15. Z Nation
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    (Category: Start To Finish) The zombie series that’s not The Walking Dead has become delirious fun, and its anything-goes sense of gruesome glee makes it an excellent choice for storming through all 24 episodes that have aired thus far. Where To Watch: Season one is on Netflix, but both Hulu and the Syfy Now app have everything you need.
  16. Pushing Daisies
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    (Category: Start To Finish) ushing Daisies inhabits one of the more charming corners of Bryan Fuller’s dark-yet-whimsical TV universe: The series follows Ned (Lee Pace), a talented pie-maker who, as a young boy, discovered that he could revive dead things, including human beings, with a single touch. Where To Watch: CW Seed.
  17. Fringe
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    (Category: Binge The Classics) Fringe could have been a simple X-Files knockoff, but by the time the show hits its stride, it transcends its simple mystery-of-the-week format and becomes a riveting drama, thanks to mythology that actually holds together, a terrific blend of creepiness, warmth, and humor, and an effective father-son dynamic. Where To Watch: Amazon Prime and Netflix.
  18. Friday Night Lights
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    (Category: Binge The Classics) Nominally a show about high-school football teams, Jason Katims’ beloved adaptation of Friday Night Lights used the Dillon Panthers and East Dillon Lions as gateways to explore all the lives lived within a small West Texas town—all the dreams and setbacks and heartbreak of its residents. Where To Watch: Netflix.
  19. The O.C.
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    (Category: Binge The Classics) Ryan, Seth, Marissa, and Summer could wield a quip as expertly as the Gilmores, and the show’s metabolism for sudsy high-school and high-society plots would’ve made Dawson Leery’s head spin. Where To Watch: CW Seed.
  20. Taxi
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    (Category: Binge The Classics) entered around the employees of the Sunshine Cab Company, Taxi is one of the greats of the sitcom form. It has one of the most talented casts ever assembled—including Judd Hirsch, Danny DeVito, Marilu Henner, Andy Kaufman, Christopher Lloyd, and Carol Kane—and the old-school multi-cam vibe of a story that’d be right at home on the theatrical stage. Where To Watch: Hulu for subscribers.
  21. Daria
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    (Category: Binge The Classics) The beloved animated MTV show took great delight in exposing high school’s horrors, from its skewering of the social caste system to its illustrations of how inane education could be, and perfectly captured what it was like being a smart, skeptical teenager stuck in bland suburbia. Where To Watch: Hulu for subscribers.
  22. Seinfeld
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    (Category: Binge The Classics) Do we really need to tell you about the show about nothing? Hulu made a big power play when it acquired the show back in April, beating out Netflix and Amazon for the pleasure. Now it’s time to conquer one of the greatest sitcoms of all time. Where To Watch: Hulu for subscribers.
  23. Mystery Science Theater 3000
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    (Category: Thanksgiving Marathons) The dawning age of a new MST3K began with a resurrection, when Shout! Factory brought back the show’s traditional Thanksgiving marathon—dubbed “Turkey Day” during those Old Testament Comedy Central days—in 2013. With the Kickstarter campaign still ongoing, this feels like it’ll be the biggest Turkey Day yet. Where To Watch: At the Kickstarter campaign’s official website,
  24. Star Trek: The Next Generation
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    (Category: Thanksgiving Marathons) In a TV landscape dominated by antiheroes and grit, there’s something extremely comforting about the Enterprise’s crew of smart, well-intentioned people solving problems with brains, nerve, and the occasional tachyon pulse routed through the shield modulator. Where To Watch: BBC America is running a Thanksgiving Day marathon of season one, and the full series is streaming on Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon.
  25. Friends
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    (Category: Thanksgiving Marathons) The show wound up setting the gold standard for sitcom Thanksgivings during the 1990s, mapping its “family of friends” premise onto seasonally appropriate setups like watching a runaway parade balloon, a high-stakes touch football game, and a series of “worst Thanksgiving” flashbacks that involve a bizarre amount of dismemberments. Where To Watch: TBS is marathoning every Thanksgiving episode .