It's the day after St. Patrick's Day, so it's the perfect time to ask: What's your ideal entertainment when you can barely manage to leave the bed? Check otu some staff answers below and add yours!
  1. Empty Spectacle action movies
    "Films that are super-entertaining in that they require no brain functions to appreciate, but are also ridiculous spectacle. These are movies where the plot essentially revolves around someone saying, “Oh, no! Look at this unexpected threat to humanity that’s happened!” This genre includes movies like Deep Blue Sea (smart sharks!), Lake Placid (smart alligators!), and the first Mission Impossible (smart Tom Cruise!). - Alex McCown
  2. The Harry Potter books
    I crave comfort food when I’m feeling shitty, whether it’s my body fighting off the latest illness of the unintentional variety or that I willfully subjected myself to with one too many beers. And there’s no greater comfort for me than the Harry Potter series. I’ve read and re-read those books so many times I know the line that follows every line before it, meaning my brain requires so little effort to “read” the pages I can drift easily in and out of consciousness. - Caity PenzeyMoog
  3. The L Word
    There is one show I turn to the most often when I just want to drift in and out of sleep while hungover: The L Word. At this point, I practically have whole episodes memorized, so it doesn’t really matter if I check out to get more seltzer or rest my eyes. And plus, I get to spend my hangover surrounded by my favorite kind of people: lesbians. - Kayla Kumari Upadhyaya
  4. The Velvet Underground & Nico
    When I’m hungover, I have two warring impulses: to soothe my aching head, and to punish myself so I’ll never overdo it again. Fortunately, I’ve found an album that perfectly synthesizes those two states of mind: Velvet Underground & Nico. “Sunday Morning” quietly, gently, eases you into what is probably an actual Sunday morning (or early afternoon), then “Waiting For The Man” hits you with a dose of reality. - Mike Vago
  5. Broad City
    Giphy downsized medium
    If I have the wherewithal in my grogginess to turn on the TV, my go-to on demand selection is Broad City, because I hardly ever manage to catch it during its first run. I’m still not fully caught up on the show, and I haven’t watched the episodes in order at all, but there’s something comforting and soothing about sinking into the show’s surreal version of my beloved New York City as my tiny broad slumbers on my chest. - Jesse Hassenger
  6. The Office
    It's comforting. Feels like home. I don't feel like I missed something if I have to get up to puke or if I fall asleep for 4 hours.
    Suggested by @meg1
  7. Scrubs
    Suggested by @kate81
  8. Shameless
    Suggested by @msmeyers
  9. Withnail and I
    Suggested by @sibel
  10. Indie comedies
    Simplistic in form, unique storylines, interesting characters, entertaining without the spectacle.
    Suggested by @tantan
  11. The OC
    I can drift in and out while enjoying the SoCal scenery and pretty faces, but still enough drama to keep it interesting
    Suggested by @aleepetrucelli
  12. Disney movies
    They're not too long, I don't have to think about the plot, and they all have happy endings.
    Suggested by @ryeisenberg
  13. Parks and Recreation
    There's something about Pawnee, Indiana that always draws me back. Parks & Rec is one of those shows that I say I'm only going to watch an episode or two of, and then the next thing I know I'm halfway through season two and have decided just to rewatch the entire series. Seriously I think I've watched every season about 9 times (I'm painfully hungover a lot).
    Suggested by @ellenchilada