What Halloween Costumes Do You Think Will Be the Most Popular This Year?

  1. Left Shark
  2. Drake ("Hotline Bling")
  3. Mad Max and/or Imperator Furiosa
  4. Donald Trump
  5. Emoji (take your pick)
  6. Inside Out characters
    Suggested by   @catherinereport
  7. The List App logo
    A few people will add the 'beta' sash but, you know, live in the now.
    Suggested by   @Nicholas
  8. Marty McFly and Doc Brown
    So overdone but so necessary this year. That's what I'm doing!
    Suggested by   @caelilu
    Suggested by   @jumo
  10. Adele w/ Flip Phone
    The more sepia the better.
    Suggested by   @michael_circa91
  11. Star Wars! That's what we're doing
    Suggested by   @shanaz
  12. Bernie Sanders
    It's what the Internet wants.
    Suggested by   @Squirrelguy
  13. A Tamagotchi
    Suggested by   @amyjean
  14. Harley Quinn from the suicide squad movie
    sure it hasn't come out yet but you know it'll be huge
    Suggested by   @briglioa21
  15. Alexander Hamilton
    Suggested by   @wright