No rules, just dream scenarios - What movie score or soundtrack do you think would make for a phenomenal live concert? Check out some staff answers below and add yours!
  1. Trainspotting
    Since we are imagining beautiful dream scenarios, the murderers’ row of Trainspotting soundtrack artists reads like a fictional Coachella bill, albeit one better suited for a hallucinatory All Tomorrow’s Parties festival. Kicking things off on an almost unbearably awesome high note we would get Iggy Pop’s “Lust For Life.” From then on we’re taken on a amazing journey through IDM and Britpop history, as Pulp, Brian Eno, New Order, Primal Scream, and Underworld. (From Drew Fortune)
  2. Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story
    ohn C. Reilly actually toured as Dewey Cox when the film came out, but I would love to see those songs performed live (including, appropriately enough, a wonderfully cheesy disco variety-show take on Bowie’s “Starman”), because they’re both hilarious, pitch-perfect pastiches of everything from Dylan protest folk to Brian Wilson trippy psychedelia. And you better believe my lighter would be aloft when Cox launched into a majestic “Beautiful Ride.” (From Nathan Rabin)
  3. The Graduate
    I would love an excuse to see Simon & Garfunkel live, because I wasn’t even born when Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel performed their last proper concert together. And I would be more than happy to sit through hits like “The Sound Of Silence”—three times, if they wanted to remain faithful to the film’s use of the music—with a little Dave Grusin instrumental here and there, in a dimly lit, sit-down venue, cocktail in hand. (From Becca James)
  4. Josie And The Pussycats
    I don’t particularly need to see the band that actually recorded the super-catchy pop-punk songs from the soundtrack to the 2001 film Josie And The Pussycats perform those songs in full. I’d rather kill two birds with one fantasy stone and have Jemima Pearl play particularly raucous interpretations of “Three Small Words,” “Pretend To Be Nice,” “Spin Around,” and so on. I’m sure it would also be okay to see Letters To Cleo mixing some Josie songs into their set. (From Jesse Hassenger)
  5. Magnolia
    I’d love to see Aimee Mann perform the Magnolia soundtrack. Mann’s music—including and especially the heartbreaking “Wise Up,” which serves as the centerpiece of one of the film’s most haunting sequences—was as much an inspiration for Paul Thomas Anderson’s rambling, beautiful mess of a film as it was inspired by it, and hearing Mann play through the whole thing, from the clanking funk of “Momentum” to the wry self-loathing of “Deathly,” would be a sad, beautiful treat. (From William Hughes)
  6. Punch-Drunk Love
    To see Jon Brion perform that phenomenal score live to picture, now that'd be something special... (CC @richardkraft)
    Suggested by @Nicholas
  7. Velvet Goldmine
    Suggested by @Embitter
  8. Scott Pilgrim vs The World
    Sex Ba Bomb!
    Suggested by @andersun
  9. It's gotta be Drive
    Suggested by @wart
  10. Antonio Sanchez's score to Birdman
    Haven't actually seen the movie, but his compositions are brilliant!
    Suggested by @Jazz
  11. Sleepless in Seattle
    Beautiful soundtrack: Celine Dion, Louis Armstrong, Nat King Cole etc.
    Suggested by @eclecticmouse
  12. the life aquatic
    Suggested by @boygirlparty
  13. Darjeeling Limited
    Suggested by @dev
  14. Requiem for a dream
    Suggested by @christine
  15. O' brother, where art thou?
    Amazing shit all around. Not too mention realistic. They did it live didn't they?
    Suggested by @themildrevolution
  16. True Detective season 1
    Best soundtrack to a show ever... EVER.
    Suggested by @themildrevolution
  17. Rock Star
    Great movie for lovers of 80s heavy metal.
    Suggested by @mjprovine
  18. Once Upon a Time in The West
    Suggested by @lorothery
  19. Romeo + Juliet
    Suggested by @celesteballard
  20. Some Kind of Wonderful
    The classic coming of age John Hughes movie that DIDN'T feature Molly Ringwald. I had forgotten about it until @doesntmattr tweeted about it recently. Lick the Tin's version of Can't Help Falling in Love, The Furniture's Brilliant Mind and of course Flesh for Lulu's I Go Crazy. This soundtrack basically encapsulated the mid 80s for me.
    Suggested by @eatthelove
  21. Wet Hot American Summer
    Great all-around 80's rock anthems, but particularly timely with the passing of paul kantner of Jefferson airplane who provided the perfect opening number.
    Suggested by @marcieb
  22. The Big Chill
    Marvin Gaye, Aretha Franklin, The Temptations, Three Dog Night.... It is the kitchen dance party soundtrack of dreams and would make an even more amazing concert.
    Suggested by @allysonarno
  23. The Natural
    One of those scores that upstages the movie it's in.
    Suggested by @mitchward93
  24. The Last Emperor by Ryuichi Sakamoto.
    Suggested by @vax1965
  25. Empire Records. I'd give anything to see Reene Zelweger sing sugar high her present celebrity status
    Suggested by @tantan
  26. Angus
    Complete with marching band accompaniment on "Am I Wrong."
    Suggested by @wibcasto
  27. Whiplash
    A phenomenal film with a great soundtrack just asking to be performed live.
    Suggested by @sebastianbiondi
  28. Natural born killers
    Suggested by @ellaNaaman
  29. The Wackness Soundtrack
    Suggested by @AsaAkira
  30. That Thing You Do!
    Suggested by @rileyrichter