Read some of our staff's dream remakes below and then add your own!
  1. Mad Max's George Miller directing Conan The Barbarian
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    As proven by the Mad Max franchise, Miller is capable of crafting fantasy movies with lean, cathartic storytelling. Miller’s confident show-don’t-tell direction applied to a Conan film could be a lyrical, high-fantasy poem. It would be a welcome contrast to fantasy movies that bury the viewer under the sludge of too-fussy world-building. (Nick Wanserski)
  2. Elizabeth Banks directing Jem And The Holograms
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    I didn't even see the Jem And The Holograms movie, but I would have loved for a woman director with a sense of camp and flair to take that one on. Elizabeth Banks has more than proven she can do silly but smart with the Pitch Perfect films, and she’d know how to cast smart, well-trod women whose very existences didn’t amount to a collective internet yawn. (Marah Eakin)
  3. Steven Soderbergh directing Charade
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    Soderbergh has a knack for crafting sleek, sexy pop that’s not afraid to embrace its sense of humor or dark side, and Charade’s loop-the-loop plotting would be the perfect sandbox for his talents. As evidenced by Out Of Sight, he has the ability to build palpable, simmering chemistry between his two leads amid a thrilling crime yarn. I’m drooling at the thought of what he could do with Kerry Washington & Michael Fassbender subbing in for Hepburn and Grant. (Cameron Scheetz)
  4. Sofia Coppola directing Twilight
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    Coppola couldn’t help but break free from the source material; I can’t imagine her making a slavish adaptation unless the material was already exactly her sensibility. With her dreamy, melancholic, patient style, she could draw out what’s actually seductive about the vampire-human relationship, and either acknowledge the creepiness of the vampire boyfriend or manage to successfully drown it out of the creepy, creepy books with some of The Jesus And Mary Chain or something. (Jesse Hassenger)
  5. Guillermo del Toro directing Forbidden Planet
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    Forbidden Planet is a ’50s sci-fi touchstone, but the film is still limited by the budgets and special effects of the era. ho better to revive the concept than Guillermo Del Toro, a director who’s made a career of imagining the unknown? Imagine the inventiveness of Pan’s Labyrinth’s character design, applied to an entire alien world. (Mike Vago)
  6. Sarah Polley directing The Darjeeling Limited
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    Polley's version of the story would share the reality of Peter, Francis, and Jack’s stunted lives with heightened—darker, moodier, slower—emotional responses coming from the characters, as seen previously in Polley films like Take This Waltz and Stories We Tell. By blowing up the compact emotions scripted by Anderson, Polley could create a much more human story, where the significance and complexities of familial bonds aren’t drowned out by Anderson’s eccentricities. (Becca James)
  7. Jamie Babbit directing Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle
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    I really want a near-exact remake of Full Throttle, with one major change: In the remake, all the fun queer subtext should bubble to the surface as bold text. What if there were a Full Throttle that actually allowed Natalie to be in love with Madison Lee like she so obviously is? That allows Dylan to be attracted to women instead of just implying it repeatedly? And Jamie Babbit should be the director to remake Full Throttle as the lesbian-led action film we all deserve. (Kayla Kumari Upadhyaya)
  8. David Wain's The Princess Bride
    Take a pretty silly 80s movie and put it in the hands of someone who can take it in an even sillier and 80s-er direction? I'd be into that. Plus it probably means Paul Rudd in the Cary Elwes role. 🔥
    Suggested by @IamChrisTodd
  9. David Lynch directing The Wizard of Oz
    Look, no one should ever remake The Wizard of Oz. Ever. But if someone was going to, I'd want it to be Lynch. Imagine the Flying Monkeys. Imagine the soundtrack. Imagine Dorothy wearing deep red lipstick. Imagine Kyle MacLachlan as Oz, the great and powerful and somewhat aloof.
    Suggested by @chantiburnette
  10. Kenny Ortega directing Teen Witch
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    I want bigger dance numbers.
    Suggested by @sandraamstutz
  11. Alice in Wonderland with Wes Anderson
    that way it would be more about the characters/tone/scenery/props and less CGI-y. Also Through the Looking Glass.
    Suggested by @jamiek
  12. Prometheus by 1979's Ridley Scott
    Suggested by @aschrader1971
  13. Oldboy directed by Quentin Tarantino but in like 1920s France idk
    Suggested by @jakeslist
  14. Wes Anderson The Godfather trilogy
    Suggested by @tantan
  15. The Sound of Music directed by Martin Scorsese
    The hills are alive, with the sound of mafioso gunfire. Like lots of mafioso gunfire. Also, Marty's interpretation would be a deeper indightment of classism.
    Suggested by @dreiflist
  16. Wes Anderson's Harold and Maude. This time reverse and have Maude be the younger of the two. Maybe Emma Stone with Bill Murray.
    Suggested by @vern1971
  17. Brad bird directing the Last Star Fighter
    Suggested by @andy94
  18. Dune by JJ Abrams
    We already know from Jodorowky's Dune David Lynch was not the #1 choice (it was Ridley Scott). But as we've seen JJ breathe new life into Star Trek and hopefully Star Wars, why not keep up with this trend of SciFi rebirth and hit Dune next?
    Suggested by @caitroddy
  19. Jurassic Park by John Carpenter
    Suggested by @Gilfer
  20. Gaslight by David Fincher (which he already kind of did in reverse with Gone Girl)
    Suggested by @bethanynoellewhite