Have you ever had a "major revelation" only to find out that it was common knowledge? In other words, what's your pop culture Sixth Sense moment? Read some staff answers below and then add your embarrassing realizations to the list.
  1. Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson are siblings
    "When a friend's older sister told me, I thought she was joking! Jackson's a pretty common name, after all, and it seemed impossible that the strange one-gloved man of the '80s could be related to my beloved Janet." - Laura Browning
  2. Kelsey Grammer sings the Frasier theme song
    "After one of my long, Frasier-binging nights, my wife came out of the bedroom only to have me excitedly throw a huge revelation at her: Did she know that Kelsey Grammar, star of Frasier, also sang the show's theme song? 'Who did you think sing it?' she said. To which I had no reply." - Jason Heller
  3. Christopher Lloyd is in Back To The Future, Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, AND Clue
    "As a kid, most of my favorite performers were either comedians, Muppets, or cartoon characters and, as such, pretty recognizable from movie to movie. So it blew my young mind whenever I figured out, probably around age 10 or so, that Doc Brown, Judge Doom, and Professor Plum were all played by the same guy." - Jesse Hassenger
  4. That the name of Friends' Central Perk is a pun
    "I was able to watch multiple seasons of Friends without ever getting that Central Perk is a pun. The only reason I did get it was because a character in the show explained it, so I should probably not operate heavy machinery any time soon." - Zack Handlen
  5. That '90s pop star Robyn is the same person as modern-day pop star Robyn
    "For the longest time, I thought that the singer of 1995's 'Show Me Love' and 2010's 'Dancing On My Own' was two different (but equally awesome) people." - Becca James
  6. "Clueless" is based on "Emma" and "10 Things I Hate About You" is based on "The Taming of the Shrew"
    In college, freshman year, I was trying to impress some of my classmates with my new found discovery that two teen comedies were based on Classic English Literature only to be greeted by a room full of nonplussed and smirking faces. "I'm pretty sure that's like the first sentence on the back of those DVDs dude." 😒
    Suggested by @connur
  7. Just the other day I realized that the actor Michael B. Jordan needed his middle initial in his professional name, otherwise he would be confused with the retired basketball player. My co-workers looked at me (rightfully so) like I was super slow.
    Suggested by @Nikki
  8. Roy Orbison: NOT BLIND
    Just liked sunglasses. JUST learned this.
    Suggested by @daveholmes
  9. Chris Hardwick hosted Singled Out.
    Suggested by @sam
  10. Christopher Lloyd may have been in all those movies, but he is NOT the tv writer/producer
    (Who worked on a show for which Kelsey Grammer sings the ending theme song)
    Suggested by @mlh
  11. That Marv from Home Alone is the narrator on Wonder Years
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    Suggested by @bobbyhundreds
  12. That Paul Feig was a counselor in "Heavyweights"
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    Suggested by @Waz