While wigs are sometimes a Hollywood necessity, bad wigs can ruin a whole production. One ratty skunk pelt slapped on the star of your $200 million blockbuster and your movie’s in the toilet, while audiences laugh you all the way to the Razzies. Even the best actor can’t overcome a bad wig, and many have tried.
  1. Taylor Lautner, Twilight and The Twilight Saga: New Moon
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    Poor Taylor Lautner. The wigs in the Twilight movies were never good, but for whatever reason, Lautner always seemed to get saddled with the worst mop.
  2. Megan Boone, The Blacklist
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    Showrunner Jon Bokenkamp came out in a Q&A to clarify in no uncertain terms: “The wig is dead, thank God.”
  3. Samuel L. Jackson, Jumper
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    Sporting what looks like a glued-on piece of short carpeting, his hair is probably meant to be striking in a way that suggests menace, but instead comes across like someone in the makeup trailer lost a bet.
  4. Nicolas Cage, Ghost Rider
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    The top of the wig doesn’t match the sides either in color or in texture, giving the appearance of a toupee bought on clearance from the Donald Trump Menswear Collection. Frankly, it looks like the most flammable thing on him.
  5. Charlize Theron, The Devil’s Advocate
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    Described by Entertainment Weekly as a “straight-from-the-trailer-park perm,” her curls are so awful and assertive that it positions the audience to hate the character from the first scene.
  6. Corey Stoll, The Strain
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    It’s rare that a wig is so bad that producers have to go on a media blitz to explain why it’s there in the first place.
  7. Robin Tunney, The Craft
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    At times both frizzy and flat, the wig comes complete with big floppy mid-’90s bangs and some unflattering “Rachel” layers, and sits so far back on Tunney’s forehead that it makes a normally gamine actress look almost boxy.
  8. Ginnifer Goodwin, Once Upon A Time
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    Unfortunately, instead of a wig, the showrunners pulled out a snared mess of rotting detritus, a hopelessly tangled web of black wire, a prospective home for a family of possums. And then kept using it.
  9. Stephen Amell, Arrow
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    As Arrow progressed it became increasingly clear how much the flashback scenes were the least compelling part of the series, and the appearance of his longer hair called even more attention to being taken away from all the fun superhero feats taking place in Starling City.
  10. Colin Farrell, Alexander
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    Colin Farrell's bleached-blond look was so assertively awful that it still manages to rise above such badness as Angelina Jolie vamping and Anthony Hopkins monologuing ad infinitum.
  11. Bruce Willis, Surrogates
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    Why in God’s name does he have to wear that limp blond mop on his head?
  12. Shemar Moore, Diary Of A Mad Black Woman
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    Let’s just get this out of the way first: Shemar Moore is a beautiful man. But his scalp seems to be covered in Astroturf, and the braids that hang from underneath his bandana look stringy and inert, unlike, say, real human hair.
  13. Halle Berry, The Call
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    The crazy tangle of short brown curls, which looks better suited to a googly eyed lunch-bag puppet, seems to float two inches above her head at all times.
  14. John Travolta, Swordfish
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    Although Hugh Jackman has heavily frosted tips in this movie, he doesn’t have the most regrettable ’do. That dubious honor goes to his co-star, John Travolta, who plays a character named Gabriel Shear, of all things, while wearing a chin-length bob and an overgrown soul patch.
  15. Jessica Alba, Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer
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    What was truly fantastic was how the characters in the film didn’t treat the wig itself like it was a threat.
  16. Al Pacino, 88 Minutes
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    His windswept coif flies high, conjuring the alarming image of Carlito Brigante after a tanning bed accident on a particularly windy day. In a film with characters named Johnny D’Franco, J.T. Rycker, and Guy LaForge, his wig is one of the more sane spectacles on screen.
  17. Emma Stone, The Help
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    Emma Stone has lovely hair, so why the people behind The Help decided to slap a wig on her head during the film’s production is really anyone’s guess. Maybe they thought her hair was too nice? Or that actually curling her hair every single day would just take too much time, when instead they could throw an almost too-perfect mop on her instead?