These are flicks I love but for some reason have vowed to never own... Once you own them they just sit on the proverbial shelf. Always looked at, but never watched.
  1. Spy Game
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    Redford is on fire in this Tony Scott flick. It's fast paced and filled with big action and humor. I love this movie!
  2. The Money Pitt
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    I've probably seen this movie over 200 times since my youth. Tom Hanks and Shelley Long are perfect together! The dialogue, the visual humor. Everything is perfect in this movie!
  3. Clear History
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    I'm late to the Larry David is a comedy genius band wagon. I'm a fan of Seinfeld, but this was my first foray into his world. I love this movie. I watch it so much my wife thought it was a Television series!
  4. Casablanca
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    I'm not a big watcher of movies of this era... But this one is perfect! I love the setting, the story, and of course the characters.
  5. Flash Gordon
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    Long before there was a new superhero or fantasy sci-fi flick in theaters almost every week. This flick played on heavy rotation on HBO in the late 80's and I would watch it every time I could. I don't get the chance to see it as much as I did as a kid, but I'll watch it every time I get the chance. Queue the Queen soundtrack