1. Sit down with a drink.
  2. Boot up the computer.
  3. Fight self doubt and self loathing by getting excited for the open ended possibilities and what could end up on the page.
  4. Self doubt begins to set in.
  5. Self loathing sets in due to self doubt.
  6. My desk could be cleaner.
  7. Check emails and social media.
  8. Stare at blank page and hate that it's still blank.
  9. Clean my desk up.
  10. Hype myself up! This blank page will no longer be blank anymore!!!
  11. Daydream for 40 minutes while sipping away on my drink.
  12. Realize I need more drink.
  13. Refill said drink.
  14. Get pumped again. This time the fingers of fury are ready to channel that creative energy..
  15. Realize that your drink has made you have to urinate like a champion.
  16. Go and urinate like a champion (nothing comes out).
  17. Back at the desk. Recheck emails and social media because I'm important damn it.
  18. Take a break for now. I'll really attack it later.