1. The Tim Ferriss Show (podcast)
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    From reading The 4 Hour Work week to listening to this amazing podcast (where I first heard About this app) Tim Ferriss is changing my life.
  2. Limetown (podcast)
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    A well produced NPR type mystery. I love this podcast! Very much in the vein of Serial or Criminal.
  3. Ash V.S. Evil Dead (TV show)
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    The most child-like fun I have all week! Laugh Out Loud funny!
  4. Armada (Book)
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    I loved Ernest Cline's first book, Ready Player One, and now with his take on modern video games meets The Last Star Fighter... I'm hooked again!
  5. Mortdecai (movie)
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    I grew up on Peter Sellers in the Pink Panther movies. This movie gives me those joyous feelings. Critically panned... But I don't care!