If I don't recognize the good, I'll wallow in the bad.
  1. Got a decent haircut at a walk-in place.
    It took her an hour of dry cutting to undo the shitty job done by her coworker a few months ago. Oh, Bishops. I love a risk.
  2. Started my work week on Tuesday.
    Bless President's Day and a four day work week.
  3. Got an impromptu 10 min visit from my ❤️.
    I was only a little bit cringing b/c I was wearing the same shirt I had on ALL DAY yesterday when we were hanging out. Eh.
  4. Made a delicious dinner of udon and broth (from scratch, just saying) for my non-meat eating teenagers.
    I don't want to dissuade their vegetarianism, but it's tough to cook for these kids. One if them doesn't eat nuts, cheese, or dairy, and the other doesn't like spaghetti or rice or anything salty. No one likes spicy. And I will only cook one dinner per night. And I recognize I created and indulge these picky eaters. But they've always eaten hella vegetables, so that's cool.
  5. Stole back a 50+lb sculpture someone jacked from my property. It was on display at a private school down the street.
    Wtf? My neighbor saw it. My son and I did not get arrested in the heist. It was made by my late husband. At least we got it back! And my boy put on Pavement's "No Life Singed Her" as the soundtrack http://youtu.be/vpUcQBY1jc4