1. Timing- Hand this to them in the car when I pick them up from track practice. They're hungry then.
    One kid eats dressing, the other prefers plain veggies.
  2. Quantity - Make soup with a ton of veggies pureed in it (Lots) and Serve a very small spinach salad on the side (Little). Know they won't eat a ton of spinach.
  3. Location- Hand this to them while they're on the couch watching tv.
  4. Variety- Don't give them too many choices on one plate. Only two items ensures they're not going to skip the spinach.
  5. Fairness- Give them the same amount and serve at the same time.
  6. Presentation- Make it look like you care.
  7. Diversity- Add some fruit every so often.
  8. Accept- Know what veggies they don't mind eating, and stick with it. Save the other things for a stir fry at dinner.
    Also, accept that they don't like salad in a bowl, all mixed together. They prefer it like this, so who cares? Just indulge them bc it's all veggies anyway.
  9. Most Key- Try to serve them their veggies BEFORE I serve the main course at dinner. That way, I won't have a standoff at the table and drag out dinner... waiting for them to choke down their cauliflower.
  10. Also Very Helpful- Deliver the food to them bc they won't grab it on their own. Plus, they say thank you when I hand it to them, and that's very cute that they thank me for veggies.
  11. P.S. My photos are limited. They eat other veggies, too- like cauliflower, snap peas, brussels sprouts, green beans, peas, kale, broccoli, etc.
  12. Oh yeah, QUALITY. Prep the veggies and don't buy them packaged and precut. Baby carrots from a bag are not delicious at all.