1. Not making out at the end of a date. It's giving or getting an unexpected kiss.
    Like mid sentence or while you're busy and not really paying attention. You're like, what the hell? And the kiss is reciprocated.
  2. Not a hug hello. It's a hug from behind while you're standing in line.
    Or when you're cooking dinner. Or when you're out somewhere waiting to meet them, and that's how they greet you.
  3. Not crying together. It's when one person cries, and the other person sits dry-eyed and listens and offers words of support.
  4. Not being naked. It's when your bare feet make contact w the other person's, and you, without being awkward or grossed out, involve your toes in the deal.
    I shudder when I write this, but I swear to all that is holy, this is the inspiration for this list. Toes.
  5. Not having sex. It's having period sex.
  6. Not traveling together. It's traveling with carry-on only and your toiletries are limited to deodorant, hand sanitizer, toothpaste, and an essential oil meant for de-stressing.
    No concealer for the bags under my eyes and no hair products for almost a week!
  7. Not introducing them to your friends. It's introducing them to your relatives that look like older, uglier, scary-ass versions of you.
    Sorry. I know I am a horrible person for writing that and knowing it is my truth.
  8. Not feeling bad about saying no.
    And not feeling bad about getting what you want.