I'm having a crabby time right now.
  1. I have a migraine coming and need to go home.
    Nope. Just bored and tired.
  2. I'm going to therapy.
    Nope. Went and had drinks w a friend.
  3. I can't come tonight b/c I have a thing w my kid.
    Nope. It's just called dinner, and it was soup.
  4. I took the day off b/c I wasn't well.
    Nope. Just hanging w my partner.
  5. I can't talk about it anymore.
    Nope. I could rant all day about my horrible colleague; I just know people are going to talk about just how irate I am.
  6. You're welcome.
    Nope. It just came out. You are not welcome. At all.
  7. It's fine.
    Nope. I wanted you to comp my drink, so I didn't send it back. You charged me anyway.