These lies are beyond the standard man lying about his height, which is so common.
  1. 300lb man who listed his body type as athletic and posted pics from 1995. He couldn't walk without limping-- he was that big.
  2. Dude who under "things I am good at" listed sex. No he was not/ could not even. I dated him for 3 long months waiting. Two letters- E and D.
  3. Man who said he was writing a novel. Really, he had been unemployed for a year and hadn't even started writing anything. Nothing.
  4. Dude who works "in community relations revolving around food." He works at the meat counter at the grocery store.
  5. Dude who said he was a writer for a living- makes employee training PowerPoints for a corporation.
  6. Man who said he was a rock climber. He was nearly paralyzed on one side of his body, dragged his leg when he walked, and his hand, unusable, was placed on the table like he was a marionette.
  7. Guy who said he has a rewarding career in the front of house at a top restaurant. He is a 38 year old busboy.
  8. Dude who on the first date told me he had cancer. Not really a lie I discovered, but a shock nonetheless.
  9. Dude who told me we had to go back to his place bc he thought he left the stove on. Bitch, please. I waited outside.