I'm too young for this gig.
  1. I hug my pillow when I sleep.
  2. My late husband gets mail regularly.
    Don't miss out on this opportunity to get healthy! Preapproved Life Insurance! Limited Time Offer! Respond ASAP! You won tickets to a cruise! Buy this health insurance! Thinking about retirement?
  3. When is the right time to disclose my widow status to a date? Never, probably.
    Are you divorced? Is the dad in the picture? Uh...Let's talk about that another time.
  4. When I take my kids to the ER or urgent care, they ask if their father has supplemental insurance.
    He passed away, I say.
  5. When we went to Iceland, they demanded to know where the kids' father was and if he was aware I was bringing them to another country.
    I cried.
  6. In-laws.
  7. Getting a dog was the best thing ever to help our family be happy.
  8. I don't have to consult another adult about where our family should vacation.
  9. I have the medicine cabinet to myself.
  10. I sleep in the middle of the bed, sometimes lying in the wrong direction.
  11. Two years later, I still have to break the news to old friends.
  12. The best thing to say to me is, "I'm sorry."
  13. No one is telling me to go to bed, so I stay up all night.
  14. Cancer.
  15. Ugh. I am a nicer person now that I have been wounded.