The oddest, most awesome couple in the lit world there ever was...
  1. Jane and Paul, both only children, came from privilege but had their own hardships.
  2. Jane lost her father at 13. Shortly after, she injured her leg in a riding accident resulting in TB of the leg and, consequently, had life-long limp.
  3. Paul's father was a frustrated violinist/ dentist who abused and berated his son.
  4. They met as adults in NYC.
  5. They were both homosexuals. Jane had never slept w a man and identified Paul as an enemy to her sexuality.
  6. Jane invited herself on a trip that Paul and his friends were taking to Mexico, but she bailed early and went back home b/c their idea of travel was too primitive for her.
  7. Much to everyone's surprise, they got married. Jane and Paul had sex with each other. Paul claimed it was "very good."
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  8. Paul thought Jane's lesbianism was a phase. Perhaps he thought his homosexuality was, too?
  9. Their marriage was always an open one. Paul said, "I cannot remember a better time really than being in a place we both liked and each of us being free and having adventures."
  10. Jane was out and open about her lovers, but Paul was more quiet. Maybe b/c he had several 16 year old lovers? Just kidding. It's also b/c people hated on gay men (and still do).
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  11. They settled in Tangier and were the only American writers to live permanently in North Africa.
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  12. Jane insisted Paul write in a room next to her because she couldn't write w out him there.
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  13. Paul became much more successful in the writing world than Jane.
  14. Their marriage inspired their writing. Pls research if you'd like.
  15. Paul never sent out a story without having Jane go over it first.
  16. Jane liked the booze and ladies. Paul liked the hashish and dudes.
  17. Jane later suffered from alcoholism, disease, and madness. She lost much of her hair, her eyesight, and tried to kill herself. Then she had a stroke.
  18. Jane was declared insane and was locked up in Spain. Jane Bowles died in 1973 at age 56.
  19. Paul settled in Tangier for 26 years and welcomed anyone who knocked on his door...
  20. ...until he was too ill to entertain visitors. But he never lost his love for sex.
  21. Paul Bowles died in 1999 at age 88.
  22. Jane Bowles' novel is "Two Serious Ladies." Paul Bowles might be most known for his novel "The Sheltering Sky" which was made into a movie.