Of course as soon as I swore off of dating, here I am swooning.
  1. Someone running their fingers through your hair.
  2. A nice long kiss goodnight after a nice long night together.
  3. A text asking if you got home safely, soon after you got home safely.
  4. Looking at each other, not talking, and not feeling the urge to avert your eyes.
  5. Holding hands while walking down the street like it's no big deal.
  6. Sitting next to each other in a booth, an empty bench across from you, their hand on your thigh.
  7. Hearing them say,"I really like you," when there's nothing more for them to gain.
  8. A light kiss on the nose, seemingly out of nowhere.
  9. Small smiles when you watch each other's faces.
  10. A hug from behind while you're standing in line.
  11. Letting down your guard because, fuck it. It feels nice.