If anyone were to make a movie about my childhood, it would fail because it would seem so unbelievable.
  1. I tell my children I love them.
    My parents have never told me that! It's just the way they are.
  2. I am affectionate with them- hugs, kisses, just normal mothering that was never taught.
    I kissed my mother once a year- on Christmas. I don't remember kissing my father ever.
  3. I don't talk about money.
    It's the only thing that mattered it seemed. I never want my boys to think about money at all. We live a reasonable life, so they're not associating happiness and success with $$.
  4. I have never ever ever beaten them or hit or spanked or anything. Because violence sucks.
    The cycle ended with me.
  5. I am interested in my children as human beings.
    What they think is funny. What's interesting. What's bothering them.
  6. I do not compare them to other people.
    To this day, my parents talk talk talk about everyone else's kids (my peers). They are great at comparing lifestyles. Like I care?
  7. I maintain a good relationship with them because I LOVE them!!!
    I stopped talking to my parents for 10 years (until I had my first son) bc I needed them out of my life. They didn't even try to contact me. They kept tabs through my siblings.